Saturday, January 18, 2014

Our First Letter

Family,  (1st  letter)

Day one of the MTC treated me surprisingly very well! I’ve had the occasional “what am I doing here” thought, but I quickly remember to forget about myself because as of today, my mission has started and this building will be very beneficial to me while I’m out in the field. The spirit here is neat because we’re all transitioning to the thought of not seeing our loved ones for quite some time, but everyone that entered today  is helping everyone numb their feelings of missing someone and that is great. I share a room with Elder Smith (Cedar City) and Elder Schlee (Michigan, pronounced sleigh), they’re going to Sacramento while my companion is named Elder McCash but he didn’t show up today so I’ve been in a trio with them. It’s been great though! I saw Uncle Doug today on the way to the cafeteria, the food rules so far, but the first day is now complete. I love and miss you guys already. I appreciate all the prayers for me thus far, but I hope your hearts don’t hurt, because mine’s hangin’ in there pretty darn well. My P day’s are on Thursday’s so you won’t hear from me for another week, but until then, just know that I am okay and you guys ought to be too. Let’s rejoice in the work I’m doing and all the intelligence I’m going to gain from these next 2 years.  Send my love and sympathy to Cas, everyone in my district asked about significant others and if they’ll be writing us. I mentioned our close friendship and now they won’t let it go, oi. Thanks for all the support, I’ll talk to you guys then!
Elder Bennion

Family, (written on a notecard)
Well, no wolf tie, but when I brought it up, everyone wanted to see it! Also, within 2 days, me & Elder Schlee have been called as Zone Leaders, I’m excited. I also hope you aren’t heartbroken that I’m gone, here at the MTC you’re just too busy to be sad! I do miss you guys and I miss hugs SO bad and adjusting to the whole Elder/Sister ______ thing is tricky, but I’d say I’m doing really well. I like it here very much
J It makes me very eager for to get to Rancho! Not for the food though, the food here rules, it worries me I’m going to gain weight…Also, these days are long, but very rewarding all at once, by the time 10:30 hits, I am indeed ready for bed. Speaking of which, it is time.

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