Thursday, December 4, 2014


Yan Yan,

I probably will never have a Thanksgiving like this one again, which is a sad, but happy statement at the same time. Overall, every day whether it's a holiday or not is pretty much feels the same. It didn't feel like Thanksgiving (especially with the wonderful 70 degree weather), but I sure ate like it! Each dinner I made sure to control the portions, so after 3 I was honestly at a good amount. The tastiest thing I ate all day was probably eggrolls ha! Maybe that's a strange comment, but it's not very often I get ground beef here, so I was excited. The duck that we had for the first time was pretty good too. It's a bit more greasy than turkey and it's all dark meat, but I enjoyed it! We had a really good thanksgiving, to tamales though. One holiday down, one more to go. Which will be the best one yet! Wowza I cannot believe it is December already. Elder Thompson and I definitely need to do some decorating around the house. I would love to play Christmas music and watch my favorite Christmas movies, but that's alright, the spirit I feel is enough (:

Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Something important to know about the temple is found in Moses where Adam was giving burnt offerings (I think) He says "I know not, save the Lord commanded me", that should be a good enough reason that we go. I remember I didn't love the temple for a while, to be honest. Sister Hobbs told me the same thing though. We talked about how we just need to go back and observe things generally. Interesting point!

So, as for the work, the party at the Liava'a's was tight! they had a bounce house and a ton of food. Wow, Tongans throw good parties. We got to see Rose yesterday. She didn't come to church AGAIN. It's the hardest commitment, good grief ha. Her date is now moved to December 20th. It's alright, I have complete faith in her. Chris and Jasmine are great as always. We had a good thanksgiving with them. We do a lot of less active work, which is no problem, I was pretty much told that's what we'll be doing majority of the time. They just said to love the members (as if that's hard to do ha), which my heart goes all out to those people, oh man. This is definitely my favorite ward i've served in.

I'm pretty well when it comes to packages. The only thing I request (which you can coordinate with mom) is stuff to listen to in the car. I would like as much as I can get that has mo tab, book of mormon on cd, etc. along with a cd booklet to keep good care of them. I don't want much money spent on me though, so if Shelby could download it all, that would be fantastic. I would also enjoy 2 new short sleeved white shirts from CTR. My other ones are not white anymore ha. I am a 16 tall for those church shirts. Lastly, I would like a workout dvd called T-25. Or Insanity, whichever is easier to get ahold of. I would ask for P90x but the guy is so annoying and cusses occasionally, which I don't like.

I really could not ask for anything more, the ward is going so well and I love serving here so much. The Lord has been above and beyond to me. I'm very grateful for all that He has let me be apart of. I love you and look forward to hearing from you next week. See you reeeeeal soon (:

- Elder Bennion

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