Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Alpha Loma

first I must thank you for the package; it's almost like you knew I was going through withdrawals haha! I finished that bag in a week, oop.s But I was a very good share-r! 
I am so stoked that you found the car you were looking for! That's so exciting. The longest roadtrip i've been on is to Boise. Well, we went to Nauvoo, but I don't even remember it! That's a lot of miles, but you'll make it! I'm excited for you to see your friends and to hit Ohio! That's gonna be awesome! Ben's never visited his mission right?
I wish I had more funny stories like that one from last week. My mission really is eventful, but by the time I get to email, I can't think of anything! I think it's because i'm so focused on the temple. We're going next Thursday  (so I won't be emailing for a week and a half) and I am excited and nervous at the same time. Endowments are still kinda strange ha. Remember how Ben always corrected you to say "You received your endowment", well, now that he pointed it out, I want to say to everybody haha! everyone says "they took it out" silly Mormons.
Our week was good! There's a Chinese restaurant called Kung fu wok and each time I go in there, it always results in us teaching someone there. It's weird, but awesome. Just goes to show God puts you in the right places and that there is always people anxious to learn.
This is a boring email, I apologize. I do love you so much though. Today I turned 8 months! What?! I'm 1/3 of the way done! In our handbook, it says that there won't be another time where every single second can be devoted to the Lord, and I know how true it is. It freaks me out. It's gone by so fast because Alta Loma is so good to me (: Elder Boltz and I want to make a t shirt that has a wolf on it that says "Alpha Loma" haha! it'd be sweet. Well I suppose that's all for now. I love you and your family so much. Keep me updated on anything else that comes to mind, I always love to hear from you! (:
Elder Bennion

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