Monday, September 8, 2014

Privileged to be serving in Alta Loma

That's crazy to me that it was Peach Days this weekend! Yeah, it wasn't too hard to miss (: it sounds like there were a ton of other fun things you were apart of though! I should've asked for a bag of peaches and creme popcorn! mmm.
I cannot believe Brighton started pre-school! Ugh, that kid is my favorite. He's getting so big! Your family is so adorable. I was reflecting this week on how Elder Boltz reminds me of Ben sometimes and it made me think about the man he's become because of his mission. It makes me excited to know that it will help me future for the rest of my life. Especially since being on a mission has been nothing short of amazing. I think about how privileged I feel to be serving in Alta Loma. I seriously see so many miracles happen every week. I find so much joy in serving in this area, it makes me super jealous for anyone who gets to serve here. 
This past week was pretty good to us. I love Fast Sundays because good things always happen. We got a new investigator, we contacted three of our investigators to see them this upcoming week, we got to see Claudia (who is one of my favorites in this area), and we found a super cool couple that has a super bouncy trampoline and she said I could jump on it next weekend ha. 
Conference is approaching and I am so stoked! just a random thought.
Man, this email is kinda lame! haha. But I hope it still reflects how much I love my mission. Of course it doesn't do it's justice because it's really hard to put the feelings of the spirit, but I concur that this glorious gospel is incredible to be apart of and it's only a matter of time before all people will get the opportunity to hear it. We are the lucky ones in this final dispensation to have the knowledge that we do. It's so sad to see so many people confused by the man-made churches that practically force them to forfeit so many blessings. Our church is governed by Jesus Christ himself, and what a comfort is to me to have modern prophets to give counsel according to our circumstances. Life is mind blowing, isn't it? I love you very much and hope your testimony never ceases to grow.
Elder Bennion

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