Monday, October 6, 2014

New Responsibilities

Alright family, get ready for this outrageously awesome news.
My mission has been relatively fast paced. My first 6 months I was your average greenie. Then I was called to train Elder Boltz, then 6 weeks later they asked me to be a district leader. Now the beginning of a new transfer is here and the assignment still proceeds to push me in a positive manner.
On Friday, the AP's called me and told me that President Hobbs would like me to be a zone leader. Of course I accepted, but they hadn't told me where I was going to be serving, just that I would have a leadership position. That night my brain was racing as I contemplated where I would be serving next. I had a good feeling I was going back to the desert, Victorville in specific. 
Well my speculations were correct. I have now been called to serve as a zone leader in the Victorville B zone in the TONGAN WARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha, I love Tongan's so much. There was a Tongan sister in our zone last transfer, and most of them are like her apparently, so I am so so so excited to be serving here. I have heard so many great things and I seriously love my companion Elder Thompson already. He is from Idaho!
So naturally when you hear you're gonna be serving in a Tongan ward what are your first thoughts? I'm gonna gain weight, right? Elder Thompson said that isn;t true, so don't worry, I shouldn't get plump, but he said to expect a lot of pig. Guys, I am so excited to be serving here. We cover the entire high desert and every Friday, the Tongan's and Samoan's gather and play Volleyball haha. We're off to a good start of this transfer!
I had such a great time in Alta Loma and am so happy I got to serve there for 6 wonderful months. I love the people so much, but was ready for something new. I hope I made an impact on the people there and can only hope I fulfilled what the Lord wanted done there. That area will always be so close to my heart and I have so many wonderful memories there, the people were so great and I'm so happy you got some pictures. I gotta let you know how much I loved getting to know the Rich's, the Martinez's, the Tate's, and the Fitisemanu's and of course Brother Wilson who housed us. I'd say they contributed most to my love for Alta Loma. Wow, it was a good area. I am very happy with my life and am so excited to be on a mission.
The Rich's took such good care of me there. I remember very first skyping there! They had us over for both general conference sessions and it was a very memorable experience. They have great traditions there. She is an excellent cook. 
So that is my news. Bittersweet indeed, but like Elder Robbins said "Which way do you face?" I face completely toward the Lord and I know that He has plans for me here. I'M SO EXCITED TO BE SERVING HERE!
Love you all! (:

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