Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update for last week and this week

October 13th
This week has been quite crazy for me as well, it was quite an adjustment being in the desert again, it took about 3 days, but I'm pretty used to it by now. It's much much better the second time around. I can now pass Hesperia and remember all the people I grew to love and speak mostly good about it. It was still the perfect place for me to start though, I recognize that. It hit me the other day that we should never doubt the Lord because He's never been wrong before, and He's not gonna start now! ha. It was a great discovery.
I just love your emails so much!!! They're very informative and I love that. I am getting the biggest smile from them being in TV! ha, that's so great. That's adorable. 
I hear that you are a great babysitter, I know deep down with how hectic it is, that you love it. Kids are great! We always need positive stress in our lives, not to mention you are doing a great act of service for her. I love seeing neighbors that have good relationships. Californian's tend to be kinda private, some of them are not people persons. Tongan's on the other hand are such a different story.
So, my first week here was very busy! We had a lot of appointments which is such a great thing. We work a ton with the members because really that's how we stay busy. Sacrament is majority in Tongan, but yesterday it wasn't thankfully. Tongans are very very laid back people who are in no rush to get anywhere ha. No one prepares lessons for Elders Quorum or Sunday School so we end up teaching both. Tongans also love to sleep ha. And eat. And socialize. But they're such good people, they will always put the missionaries first. Someone bought my groceries last week and we accumulated $60 in three days for dinner. If we don't take money, in their culture it's like bringing shame to their family, so we just take it. The people are so Christlike, I'd say that's what impresses me about them most. They love their Savior and they sing so beautifully. It's a completely different association than a white church, but I enjoy it very much. We had a scripture study class on Tuesday and we did play volleyball on Friday. It was a good week. I'm sure I'll have many further stories to report on, but I gotta respond to some other emails. Thanks for the email, love you and have a great UEA break! (:
Elder Bennion

October 20th

I don't get to hear from Drake and Shelby as much as I want to, plus I don't really hear about any of their gospel progression "/ It stinks! I did hear from Shelby today though, thankfully. She seems to be doing well. I feel as though I always have something to look forward to in my emails due to how much the gospel makes families so close-knit, so thank you for updating me. 
Boring UEA huh? It'd be nice if we could get a holiday break sometimes ha. Or maybe a longer P-day would suffice (; just teasing, the time they give us is just the right amount! Not to mention, sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven, right? (: We read in D&C about how every blessing you receive is based of your obedience! So cool. As a leader, I try to be more obedient and set a better example, it's good.
That's too bad the scouting isn't great there. The way they do it here is they make it a stake thing, that would keep him busy! I think it's a better idea, personally. Then again, there are a lot more LDS people there than here. But the testimonies we get to hear from the Tongan's are so strong. They sing so cool in Sacrament, I can't explain it! haha.
Wanna hear a miracle? There's a couple named Chris and Jasmine we're teaching who are friends with the Male's in our ward and they came to church on their own this week ha. Also, our investigator Rosie came to church! This area is so great. We should have 4 baptisms in November. This ward is showing me that it's really not us doing anything; it is the spirit. The work that we have is all basically provided by the ward, which I am very appreciative of. It's built my faith in member missionary work.
LOOK AT THIS PIG. That is basically a Tongan favorite ha. IT'S HUGE! it was kinda tasty, but very, very fatty with a super crunchy skin.
But anyway, I seriously LOVE the Tongan ward and the people so much! They're so awesome to the missionaries. We've been really busy lately and have been teaching pretty consistently. I couldn't really ask for more here. With each area I get transferred to, I find myself enjoying the work even more. I know that the Lord knows what's best for myself, and He's proved that to me SO MANY TIMES. It's so refreshing to have a Father in Heaven that knows how to provide for His children. I've learned so much more on how to trust Him and His ways above my own. I am so excited to be serving here and am looking forward to another great week. Keep praying for me and doing your own missionary work, and also go to the temple (: 
Also, if you could let Gabby Calhoun know that I'm trying to reach out to her, it's just difficult ha. Also tell her to watch "the faith of our fathers" talk by Uchtdorf. I thought of her the ENTIRE time ha.
That's all for now, love you so so so much! Give your family a giant hug from me!
- Elder BennionView IMG_0872.JPG in slide show

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