Monday, November 3, 2014

Lots of Emails!


I didn't mean to give you the idea I was having a hard time, I just really wanted to write you last week but we went golfing and had practically no time to email. So here we go:

It was no surprise another great week in the mission field! The work was a little slower than normal, but there were so many good things that happened at the same time that I don't mind one bit! The Tongan people are very good at arranging activites and I went to my very first trunk or treat this Halloween and it was so awesome! Tongan people are the best. They're such good people, ugh I love em.

We had a lot of extra zone leader stuff, and we went on 2 exchanges this week, so that was good. I have an awesome miracle to share with you though that is on my top 3 of most unreal things that I know for sure God was apart of.

When I was in Alta Loma, there was a family that was in the Highland ward that gave us a ride to our car. The daughter likes the screamy music, so naturally I told her I liked it and that she should keep listening it. I came home the night and realized what overall I had requested. I told someone as a representative of Jesus Christ to listen to corrupted music that would instantly dull their spirits and take away the comfort of the holy ghost that could easily influence them for the worse. I have felt so upset about that since I spoke to her. So, I was on exchanges with the AP's in the highland ward and thought it'd be crazy if somehow we met up with that family again. So our day is great and our last appointment is with the Adams. We talk and what not and then their daughter Paige comes out wearing all black and right then I knew it was that family who gave us a ride in Alta Loma. I was absolutely flabbergasted! I've never used that word, but I was so in shock and I began apologizing for what I said and over email, it does not sound that cool, but I wish you could've felt the way I did that I'd be hoping that I would somehow run into this girl again and tell her my testimony of how music is great, but can very dangerous to people's well-being. I was in awe because that was the 3rd time they rescheduled that appointment, AP's only go on exchanges with zone leaders, and I just so happened to be in that ward for the day. Wow, it was a tender mercy. That burden was on me for months!

I also have to tell you about another fun exchange I went on. I found out that an Elder Browning in our zone likes the same music I do, worked at a movie theater, and loves Spongebob. He goes home in 2 weeks, but I got to work in his area on Saturday and we had such a blast! I wish missionary work were like that everyday ha. But I want you to know that I am in very good hands and here's a brief example:

It was very cold on Saturday and Elder Browning didn't have anyone signed up for dinner, so we contacted a potential investigator and he offered us gloves! Then we stopped by their ward mission leader and they gave us pizza, and we tried a less active lady and this story is awesome: We knock on her door and she lets us in and says "You know, about an hour ago, I talked to the Elder who baptized me, and I haven't heard from him in a year and a half" it was so cool! We were there for about 30 minutes and she was saying how she loves the church and wants a book of mormon again and wants to go to church again. That was a very inspired place to be, huh?

My mission has been like that quite a bit (: So, to re-state, I am in very good hands. I'm doing great, honestly, don't you worry about me (: The Tongans always keep me happy and the Lord continues to show me that He loves me and is watching out for His servants. It's so great to know that of any group in the entire world that gets prayed for most, it's missionaries. The prayers in my behalf are working absolutely. I continue to endure in happiness as my days are filled with miracles and faith building assurances that prove to me that the gospel is the one thing that will keep the world from falling apart. What an influential knowledge we have that shapes who we are consecutively and is always giving us something to work toward. I realized that out on a mission, there are no boring days. There's always something to keep you busy. I love my mission an outrageous amount and am very happy with how things are going. I love you and am always happy to hear from you (:

Until next week!

- Elder Bennion

Chris and Jasmine (investigators)
Also, the less active lady dumped her whole halloween bucket into Elder Browning's backpack haha!
Oh my goodness! Martha Fitisemanu is my favorite! ahh! I'm so happy you get to be friends with her (: she's such a special woman and am so excited for her future! Please tell her I miss her so much and hope all is well for them. She's just an incredible lady. It makes me happy you connect so well! both her stepkids are back from their missions! wow, I need to meet them! alright, love you!


No need to be worried about me, it may not seem like a good reason, but we went golfing for P day and we did 18 holes and had to give someone a blessing so we didn't get to do really anything that day. I wanted to leave by 12 holes, but I stuck it out. I am much more relieved this P day and feel at ease, hallelujah. It came quick actually!

So, being a zone leader is more work than I thought, but this week I made it a goal not to complain or murmur. I read an interesting talk and went on exchanges and my companion for the day said unfortunately we are more like Laman and Lemuel than we think, which I agree with. The talk said something along the lines of how by complaining, we aren't accepting the trials that the Lord sees fit to inflict upon us. I know that he knows what's best for us, and by applying that in my work, my week was very refreshing and optimistic. I was very happy to see a difference.

This was probably the slowest week I had in the Tongan ward, but it was still super good. I'm not sure what it is, but I just adore the people so much! Plus they are great at going all out for activites. We had our Halloween party on Thursday and it was so much fun. Lots of non members attended, which is always a preference for the missionaries ha. I have so many pictures I want to attach!

Our investigators are doing very well. Chris and Jasmine are super cool, but they need to get married before they are baptized. They already want to be, but financial reasons is holding them back. Rosie is doing great, she is so prepared for the gospel. And we started meeting with a family again named the Batisaresare's (Batty-sorry-sorry), they're a Fijian family and they are awesome. Their step mom is a member and the kids all know the church is true, but their dad is Methodist, so I think it's holding them back a bit. 

I want nothing but my undivided attention to my mission. It's just treating me so well. Plus I realize that because we represent the Lord, the time that we have on our missions isn't our day, but it's His, and I don't want to be distracted with His time. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it was a quote given by M. Russell Ballard, and I think it's accurate. So there's that!

My mission is going very well and I'm very happy with where I'm at in my life. I have a great zone and great friends here. I'm very blessed due to these sacrifices and it wouldn't be right to be asking for more. Thank you for filling me in on your life, have a fantastic week!

- Elder Bennion

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