Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Adding one more email


You know, I never realized how strong your testimony of the Savior was until I got emails from you out here, I love reading all your insights. This morning I was reading Alma 13 and I love how it talks about how the priesthood and the church in general has been thought out from the beginning of time, indicating that God has a perfect idea for each and every one of His children's circumstances. His plan is so immaculate, so it only makes sense that he'll provide the perfect cure for what it is that we need help with. Now here's the twist: it won't be given to us right away, but me must work for the things we want. That's where people get confused I think. I've seen here in California too many people attend easy churches, and it's too bad. This church really is an all or nothing church, and those who stay in idle are in a dangerous position where we really need to analyze which master we will choose to serve.

I heard from Bishop last week and asked me what he can do to help these upcoming missionaries be converted and be strong enough to complete a full time mission and I think the key to it is you really have to know and trust your Savior. That's the best answer I can give honestly. That's helped me mission put me at ease. I feel as though I'm learning how to do that better, and I exercised that trust in Him in both missionary and personal matters. It feels good to have confidence in Him. I know my mission puts everything on hold and I just want to be able to fulfill my mission knowing that nothing from back home hindered my efforts.

The Tongan ward may just be my favorite place to serve. It's challenging, but it's true that the most interested people come through members, and here we get to see and work with them all the time. If we find people through our own efforts, it turns into a referral for that ward's missionaries, so it makes sense to work with the Tongan's. I just never in my life expected to serve in a Tongan ward, but I am just so happy about it!!! My heart goes so far out to these people. I have a legitimate hard time in explaining how much I love them as a whole. This is at the Moa's and it was Brother Moa's 63rd birthday yesterday and Dad, i'm not kidding, he will do anything for the gospel. He goes to every single meeting, works in the temple weekly, always willing to feed us, and offers his time for any appointment we have with the people we're working with. He is the kindest man I have possibly ever met. I just want you to be able to visit this ward and feel how I do towards them. They're fantastic people.

Sounds like everything back home is pretty ship-shape. I love our family so much! I saw a picture of Brighton and Bristol, aww they're the cutest kids ever! Man, I think being on a mission makes me love every aspect of life more, especially everyone back home. We all need more charity for others, even if they aren't blood brothers or sisters. Life is grand (: Thank you for emailnig me, I love you Dad, and I miss you tons. Keep your testimony shining bright!

- Elder Bennion

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