Friday, February 13, 2015

the Liava'a's baptism!!!!


My email won't come out the way I want it to, so I think I'll start with the news of transfers. Lucky for me, I'm staying in the Tongan ward for another transfer! It's not really news to me though because Elder Thompson was here for 5 transfers so it was expected of him to leave the area, so i'm glad that I am safe here for another 6 weeks. My new companions name is Elder Bartlik and he is from Texas! He was serving in the Samoan ward, so he gets to jump to another Polynesian ward, he's so lucky. Everyone knows in the stake the Tongan ward is better than the Samoan ward (; The Tongan ward does have more work going on though.

Let me tell you about the Liava'a's baptism!!!! It was the smoothest baptism actually. This was a really big deal for the ward and there were a lot of people to support. It was super funny, the suits we got them were a bit too small and Siaosi was so paranoid about it ha! He really reminded me of Nacho Libre for a minute ha! But we got it figured out. But the program went so great. Some of the family members did some musical numbers and oh my goodness, they have such beautiful singing voices! I was so pleased with the spirit that was felt. Bishop got to baptize them and the whole family came and there was a party afterward and it was just such a good baptism. I am so happy that this day came. I love those kids so much and am so happy for the future of their family. I really think when the time does come, they will serve a mission. They are such intelligent kids and they love the Book of Mormon. I have been missing out on not having Polynesians in my life ha! They are just so great.

As for this transfer, President Hobbs doesn't want us baptizing/teaching anyone in the ward if they aren't Tongan, so this will be a little interesting. Which is also a bummer because I have the coolest tracting story to share. We were at Tuku's house and I had this feeling unlike any other that we needed to show a bible video to their neighbors. This was at 8:15 at night and it's very rare I knock on someone's door this late, but I've never had a prompting give me so much confidence that the neighbors were going to be receptive to the gospel. Sure enough, we have a lesson with them that went about 45 minutes, and they were saying how they've been wanting to get involved in church and that we were sent from God that evening. It was so cool! I'm not sure what it was, but I absolutely knew that they were ready to hear the gospel. We have an appointment with them on Saturday and he's gonna feed us carne asada's and then we have to give them to the Apple Valley elders, but I don't mind (:

So yeah, the work is great, I'm just a bit stressed with this new transfer is all. Pray for me! It's gonna all work out though, I know it. Hooray for still being in the Tongan ward!!! (: love you!

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