Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rudy's Baptism

I have received a lot of emails today and I wish I had time to email you all individually, but I really did enjoy hearing from all of you! Sounds like a good time in Utah (: I however think I can top the weekend you may have had because everything was just so great!

I am excited to tell you about Rudy's baptism; the funny thing is no matter what day it is, if you have a baptism, something is gonna go wrong ha. We got to the church and there was no paper anywhere in the library to make copies for the program so we had to drive to another building just to make copies and there was only 7 papers we could find, it was so dumb ha. Then the baptism started but the key we were given did not open the doors to the baptismal font and we were working on it for 20 minutes! Sione Vai is this chubby 8 year old and he even tried to help us but it didn't work ha. Finally I suggested we say a prayer and waited for a solution. Nobody was answering their phones from the Apple Valley stake and everyone piled into the room and we sat there really awkwardly and then about 5 minutes after each auxilary leader tried getting the door to unlock (we were on the verge of kicking the door till it opened, which the Tongans could've easily succeeded at), a high councilman just so happened to walk into the building and had a key. What a relief! THE LORD'S WORK WON'T STOP FOR ANYTHING! I wasn't very stressed because I knew that eventually Rudy would get baptized that day ha. So it all worked out and then we of course had food afterward and it was delicious. Rudy's brother Gilbert asked if we could start meeting with him too! Ahh man, the spirit was definitely there. He's awesome. Then we had dinner at Fe and Sese's and they're one of my favorites, she made bomb enchilada's!

Then Sunday came and Rudy was confirmed and I was just so excited that he got to receive the holy ghost officially and have that cleansing on the inside. I'm just grateful the Lord gave us the sacrament so we don't have to have so much sin build up after a period of time. Like Alma 34 says, without the atonement, we'd become a hardened, fallen, and lost people and that's the truth. There comes a time where sin just weighs on you so heavily, thank goodness for our Savior always being willing to heal us. I'd say that my favorite part about when people choose to get baptized isn't when the ordinance takes place, but to see them catch fire when they fall in love with the gospel and you see the fruits of their repentance. They find such joy in the simple things and you see them become so obedient and innocent and want to do anything to get them closer to the Lord. I find such comfort being right by his side in my service. I know there's no other time than this that I could be closer to Him; it's a no-brainer as to why I'm loving my mission. 

Things are just going SO well here, I can't say it enough! I know that the Lord is the reason why the work here is so fruitful, but someone in the ward said that Elder Thompson and I were a match made in Heaven when it comes to companionships ha. I got a good laugh out of that. I don't know how to go about this without sounding boastful, but the ward just really likes us, let's keep it at that ha.

We had a really good day of the super bowl too, even though it was hard to find people home. Every Sunday, Mele 'Iongi has us over for dinner and she makes such good food, good grief. I love Lasagna so much. Then we had delicious pie and played a football trivia game with church questions and it was fun. Then we went to the Liava'a's and did the same thing with them, they're such a cool family! Everytime I'm around them, I just get so eager for you to one day meet these families. I promise they are the best people you will meet. They are so generous and loving and supportive.

The weekdays were good too, nothing extra special, but we did move somebody and that was fun, this is the zone where we do the least service, but it's all good. Whether it's spiritual service or physical, it doesn't matter. 

So this is week 6 of the transfer and chances of Elder Thompson and I being companions are very slim ): It's too bad, i'm always nervous to get a new companion. Elder Thompson and I have seen so many great things happen in the ward and he's been a great companion. We've found numerous ways to serve each other and it's definitely bettered our relationship. Ben pointed out to me that it's his mission too, so it only makes sense as to why we should be serving each other. After all, we are brothers paired together by the hand of the Lord. I feel very blessed to have had him as a companion. He goes home in 3 short months, he has everything planned out for when he gets home, so he should be stress-free for quite some time (: I'll enjoy these last few days with him, I'm gonna miss him a lot!

I'm going to try to attach pictures and that takes a bit and we have a p day activity we need to get going to, but just know that this is by far the best choice I could have ever made in my entire life! I love being a missionary so much, between the schedule, the clothes I get to wear, the people I meet, etc. there's no work more satisfying than what the Lord has provided in these latter days. I know that our Savior gives us a reason to find hope in any circumstance and that our Father in Heaven is ever-mindful of the things that you stand in need of. I know that Joseph Smith restored Christ's church to the earth again and that because of what he did, we can know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ even better! I know their love knows no limits and that it will continue to touch so many hearts that allow the work to move along in His way. I extend my love and appreciation to you all for keeping up with me and allowing me to share my love and gratitude for our Father, His Son, and of course His Polynesian children with you. The gospel is true! May we live in it's constant beams of happiness and pleasure by obeying our Father's perfect will above our own.

- Elder Shawn Lyle Bennion

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