Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tongan Names!


I took the time to do separate emails because I had a lot of time today. That and there's honestly not much to say since not much has happened or changed since we spoke last ha. It doesn't mean that things weren't uneventful though or that my mission is ever boring, some weeks are just like this, you know? Something really great that did happen though is that Rudy passed his baptismal interview!!! I knew he would. He's a great guy who wants to know the Lord better. What a better way than to walk as he walked. It's so cool to see how naturally we change when we look to the Savior as our example. There's no way I could build willpower sufficient enough to keep me out here for 2 years, I'm completely reliant on the lord and that's what makes missionaries powerful. 

As for the Tongan names, it definitely takes some getting used to, trust me. I caught on relatively quickly, but I'm always so proud to type their names when I mention them. I just love their culture and their names and their personalities so much! 

We finally had a service project! It's very rare that happens in the ward. we went to Ngalu's and did some yardwork and he fed us little caesars. mmm, pizza. 

I need more things to say but I just don't know what to mention! Things are just going great. The Liava'a's are awesome and we're having a Hawaiian barbeque at Fe and Sese's on Saturday and they're one of my favorites in the ward. Our lessons have been pretty consecutive too. Normally the Tongan ward isn't so busy, but miracles are happening left and right here! This is definitely the busiest I've been on my mission, that explain why time goes by so fast! 

Well, good luck with your diet! At least you're not trying to quit smoking/drinking like someone we're working with ha. Speaking of which, I hear Shelby is dating someone that doesn't quite have the best habits; we shall pray for her. I can't do much while I'm away except email her, but I know you can be of help to her in this situation. 

I love you Yan Yan! thanks for always thinking of me. I'm sure I'll have a lot to say from this weekend. Take care, miss you!

- Elder Bennion

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