Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Small Miracles


Your week sounds similar to mine; nothing crazy, but I'm enjoying every second of it at the same time. This week went by really fast though. We had a zone conference with 3 other zones and President Hobbs wanted each of the zone leaders to give a training, so we were preparing that for a lot of the week and it went really well! Like, really well. The Spirit is really cool as it assists us and brings to our minds things that we need to share. I know that this work wouldn't be possible without it!

As for the proselyting, this is a small miracle to us: Sister Ngungutau's husband, Tamasi, isn't baptized yet, he wants to be, but is feeling a little pressured. But we stopped by their house and he was outside so we got to talk to him for about 5 minutes. We don't teach him right now, but he has come to church a couple times, so I hope that small visit will allow us more time with Tamasi and he'll be comfortable with having us over to teach him the lessons soon. I'm really positive he'll come around soon though (:

We got to teach Rudy on Friday and he has definitely experienced a part of the Atonement because he keeps expressing how he wants to be a good example to his co-workers and is trying really hard to keep all the commandments, and keeps saying how he wishes his family understood the gospel better. I remember feeling all those things when I started preparing for my mission, it was so cool. His baptism is for sure happening on the 31st, he is very excited, and we are as well! 

Agnes had us over for dinner on Saturday and fed us Chinese. i'm not sure what it is, but no Chinese food compares to Panda Express! ha. As we were leaving we asked if we could speak to her and Nehasi outside. Our conversation went really well, Agnes said if she didn't want them to get baptized then she would've stopped the lessons a long time ago. She said she really enjoys having us over because she sees Siosi and Latu are happy when we're over. She said she sees a little brother big brother relationship thing, and that's when it hit me. We are all brothers and sisters in the gospel. Not too long ago, we all chose the same plan our Father presented, so it only makes sense to help them understand the plan once again. So really, my Polynesian brothers are getting baptized on February 7th!!! It sounds so much better that way, I am so excited!!! AHH! her daughters Envy and Emma are gonna take a bit more work though. Agnes said she doesn't want to force her kids to do anything, so she says to keep working with them. But man, what a blessing it is to be in this ward. I don't ever want to go back to a Palangi ward while I am on my mission. There are so many great things about the Tongan ward. The people are so kind, they sing beautifully, people are coming out to church more, we cover the entire high desert, we have such great support from the ward, and they're continually improving their organization in their callings. I've seen so much improvement since I've been here, it's awesome. I really love serving here. We have really good relationships with our leaders and the members in the ward and I love being around the Tongans. There's just something so unique about em! I have it really good here. The Lord is truly magnificent.

That's about it for this week. I'm excited for this upcoming week, we have a lot of good things comin' up. We started off this week with a bomb family home evening last night with a family named the Samano's, it was great. This is week 4 of the transfer and it's gonna go by quick. Then the next 2 weeks after that we have 2 baptisms, exchanges, and President interviews. We're gonna be pretty busy, I'm excited. Elder Thompson only has 2 more transfers left after this, crazy! Though he is ready to leave the ward, we're working hard while we're together. 

I hope this email reaches you all with high spirits. The Lord has restored His church to the earth, we have prophets that continue to relay God's will, and we have a forever family as long as we are faithful to our covenants, so what's there to be down about?! I love the gospel and I love sharing it even more. My mission has been such a blast. I hope life back home is going great, I hope the cold is bearable, and I certainly hope that I will get to hear from you next week as well. Thanks for all your continual support, encouragement, and prayers in my behalf. I love you all! 

- Elder Bennion

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