Thursday, March 12, 2015

Be Happy!


It seems as though many of you are living very busy lives, which I am very understanding of. Life never stops, that's for sure. Just as the Lord's work will always continue to prosper, especially as missionaries give up their lives for the Lord's will. I marvel at how Christ was able to do it for so long with such daunting tasks. I've never been harmed (unless you count the dog) and drastically mocked the same way he was (no one will of course), and the persecution he persevered for the opportunity for men to live with the Father once again is substantially astounding. Hopefully the joyful burden of taking upon ourselves the name of Christ will impact at least one person, but if not, our sacrifice to the Lord is what He is seeking after. I'm not sure as to why it's so comforting to know someone knows identically how I feel, but it really puts me at ease and I'm thankful our Savior is so reliable in times of need.

We had kind of an odd week. I'm not sure how, but it seems as though Satan is trying full-force to prevent our ward from progressing. Perhaps it's because 5 baptisms have happened since I've been here and there were a handful of people that were working to get their Melchizedek priesthood this weekend that he couldn't tolerate it, I'm not sure. Ever since this transfer, I've witnessed some odd things happen in the ward that haven't happened before and it stresses me out ha. There's been a lot of pressing time this transfer where I wanted to just take a break, but we watched an incredible video this Tuesday in zone meeting. Elder Eyring has a talk floating around about how diligent Christ was, and of course I agreed, but do you realize what he did after he was crucified? He didn't rest up from the crucifixion; he ministered and preached the gospel to those in the spirit world! He never stopped doing his Father's will, even after bearing every single pain, sin, burden, etc that's ever been felt! What a champion. I don't know about you all, but when I pass away, I expect that eternal bliss that Alma talks about ha! But of course our passion for the gospel won't fade in the spirit world unless that event happens on earth, so I imagine we'll be very, very busy there as well!

The ward has caught on that I've been serving here for a bit now, but it catches them by surprise when I say that I've been there for 5.5 months and I could and would love to stay another transfer if it were up to me. The Lord has been so unpredictable in our mission recently, so I hope and pray that He doesn't send me back to a Palangi ward just yet. Everywhere else just seems so dull compared to the Tongan ward "/ I've had such a great and unimaginable time serving in this ward and I'm filled with gratitude for the way things have been since I arrived here. 
I can tell that the Lord really wants His children to be happy, because His decision in sending me here has been the highlight to my entire mission, and undoubtedly will continue to be. I love the Tongan people and am able to detect that the Lord has sent me here to learn very valuable things that I will always cherish from them and the continuous way they have such a profound impact on my Spirit. I love you all very much and am delighted to hear from you, as always. Have a great week, miss you!

- Elder Bennion

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