Thursday, March 26, 2015

Round 5 with Pictures :)

GOOD NEWS! I survived another transfer and the Lord finds fit for me to be in the Tongan ward for another 6 weeks!!! (: WAHOO! to be honest, I was at ease all week that for some reason that I wasn't going anywhere. The Lord has been very unpredictable in our mission as of recent, but I just had a feeling I was staying. 7.5 months in a Polynesian ward, what a blessing!

So, this week was a weird one. For P day, we played a super fun glow in the dark dodge ball game, that was awesome. On Tuesday at our scripture study, I started feeling odd. We came home that night and right before I went to bed I was throwing up, and it was not fun. I forgot how unpleasant it is to be sick. I thought I'd be feeling better by the morning, but as soon as the alarm went off I knew that I was gonna have my first sick day in the field. I felt awful all day long. I didn't even touch my church clothes! the only time we left the apartment was when the Aholelei's dropped off our dinner. I was drinking gatorade all day long and just trying to sleep, it was very unfortunate, I felt like death. Apparently it was a stomach flu going around our mission, I hope to never have another sick day out here, cause it's not like I can watch movies all day long like I normally would back home ha! We had a really good day planned too so that was a bummer. But I was progressively getting better each day.

On Thursday, we went to see a family, but then this girl was moving out of her apartment and said we could help out! It's not very often that people agree to letting us help them, so it was pretty cool. I think it's a little surprising how easy the gospel can come up. Of course we wear the clothes that show right away what our passion is, but it makes me wonder what it's going to be like back home to share the gospel and how people will react. This lady was very accepting of the church and said we could even send missionaries to her home in Arizona. I'm so glad that we could catch her at that time, even if we don't get to see her progress in the gospel, it was a blessing to be able to make her burden light.

Saturday was the relief society dinner and it was good! The table we sat at had so much seafood, oh boy. I had a very tasty lobster though and a traditional puaka (pig). It's such a greasy good, it's hard to eat very much! We went around other tables and mooched, and I ended up getting some meatballs and kumala (sweet potato) as well, that was good. There were a lot of cultural dances that we didn't get to stay for because of our curfew which is a huge bummer, but apparently there were a lot of non members there, so that's good!

Yesterday was ward conference and that was pretty good! We had a big ward council which was good. Tongans whether they're very active or not, make sure to give respect where it is deserved, so we had more people than normal come to church since the Stake President was there. Then for dinner we went to the Wills for a birthday dinner and then saw a family and that was pretty much our Sunday! The Lord is blessing us for our efforts, because we are going to start teaching Brother Moa's cousin, Hema, because he said he wants to be baptized! I am very excited because since these 5 baptisms, the ward has been a bit dysfunctional with Satan trying to interfere, but things are getting settled. The ward has been very busy with birthdays, activities, and an upcoming wedding, so we'll get to see them more relaxed and happier ha.

I'm still loving the Tongan ward and am happy I'm here for even longer now! The Lord still has work for me here to do, and it looks like it may be Hema keeping me here, we will see! I got the Tongan flag in the mail, so now our apartment is Tongan-approved! I can't really think of much more to ask for, I've been very blessed in simply knowing the ward and been so well taken care of for 6 months now. I like to daydream of our family meeting the ward so you can get all giddy about them like myself ha. They just make me fiefia! (happy).

We've got a week ahead of us. We already gave two blessings today and this Friday is a wedding, and then Saturday is all day zone leader stuff, including a meeting in Rancho with a quorum of the 70! Good things are always happening, we just have to show our faith first and then they will follow more frequently (: Love you all, talk to you in a week!!!

- Elder Bennion

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