Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference was good


I'm sure it's the same for you all back home, but I have just been swayed back and forth and back and forth when it comes to my emotions. Joyce has dwelled in the back of my head all this week and then something else has been bothering me all weekend, it mad
e me a bit distracted for conference which is a bummer. With that being said, I don't want it to set the tone of this email, so I will try to snap out of it for the time being.

There's a family named the Fotu's in the ward that are moving, thank goodness they're still staying in the ward. I bring them up because they're moving in with their nephew Peter and I just think it is so cool that no matter how full a Tongan's home may be, they always will have room for their family. Also, Tuku (John) is moving to Hawaii and I'm really gonna miss that guy! I'm excited he has an opportunity to be there though. He's gonna love life even more now!

We visit a family regularly named the Otuafi's and I love them SO much. I can't pick favorites in the ward, but I really enjoy being over there. When Po, Lini, and Ngalu are all together, oh man, they're a riot. They had us over for dinner and lunch this week and I tried Musepi. It's rice and spam wrapped in seaweed.  It was very nice of them. For the last p day of the transfer, we may have a luau and Po offered to cook Tongan food for the luau, they're just so great! They all went to Rancho High which is the Poly school and they said that when there was any bullying problems, they would call on the Tongans for help ha! They would also hide the school security guards bikes in the girls bathroom haha, man, they're just so funny. Ngalu got to go to conference in Utah and said he was gonna try really hard to meet the prophet ha, I don't think he succeeded, but that would be super cool!

I believe I told you about Hema; He is a relative of Sione Moa, and we recently started teaching him and he is progressing so well! He will get baptized for sure, I just don't know if I'll be there for it. He made it to conference though and he said we are welcome over anytime. He's a very kind person who has very righteous desires to be baptized. We'll need a miracle to happen in order for him to get baptized this transfer, but the Lord hasn't let me down in the Tongan ward, so at this point I believe anything is possible!

Conference was good. I was very excited to be watching 10 hours of conference,
it's so refreshing to hear from our prophet and apostles. They did things a little differently this year, but everyone did great as expected. I don't ever grow tired of hearing President Uchtdorf and when Elder Holland told us that story of those 2 boys hiking, my palms got super sweaty ha! I for some reason really love M. Ballard, so I was excited to hear him talk. (I just hit a weird button on the keyboard, so if the text comes out weird, it's not my fault. Boo this is annoying.) 

Either way, I'm happy to be in the Tongan ward still. They invited us to the park after conference to have an Easter egg hunt and a barbeque. We stayed as long as it felt productive, so we didn't get to stay for long unfortunately. I would've loved to participate in the activites. I love that in their culture they always include their families and are always looking for a reason to be together. We need that more in the American culture! Hence why this whole conference was geared toward the family. I love things in the work and the ward and am looking forward to all the great experiences that await me this week. It's hard to think that sooner or later I will have to leave these wonderful people. Elder Bartlik keeps telling me to prepare for it and I just have to brush it off each time ha. They've become so largely apart of my life in such a way that I had not anticipated. I've been so blessed to know them and am so happy for all the ways they've taught me to be a better person. I know that from the beginning of my life, the Lord has been so merciful to me and I know that He'll never cease. I think we contemplate how in the world we can pay Him back for all the ways He's shown us He loves us, so we try serving others, and then we just get even more blessings for doing so, which makes us even more indebted to Him! It's so interesting. Sometimes they say missionary work is 'missionary fun' and though I don't care to use that term, it actually describes pretty well how I feel about the ward ha. So that's my week, the Lord will bless all of us in the ways we need it if we are faithful to Him and His commandments, I know that to be 100% true. Happy Easter!

- Elder Bennion

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