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After a very unexpected and spontaneous call from President Hobbs, he has requested that he move me to Rancho Cucamonga a week before the transfer ends and then most likely keep me here while he figures out some other changes within the mission. I really wish that I could've prepared better for it. I knew I was getting transfered this transfer, but I sure didn't think it was going to be a week early!

I'm doing okay, fairly good actually. It's so odd being back in the valley where things are a lot less ghetto and up-to-date and fancy. Rancho is a very wealthy city. The good news is that there is a Tongan ward in Rancho, so hopefully I will continue running into the Tongans and being influenced by their genuine love for the Lord.

I had such a FANTASTIC experience in the Jeraldo Tongan ward and would give so much to be back there, it was such a quick 7 months and my heart misses them so much already. I adapted so well to their culture and fell in love with so many aspects of it. The great thing about Polynesians are they are lifelong friends, which makes me very happy to think about. I had a very irrational fear of losing my connection with them, but as I got to say my goodbyes, I realized how I will always have their support and that they'll forever be in my heart. As I type, I'm still a little sad, but I'm going to try not to show it. It was bound to happen, and I know that life moves on.

That's my news. I'm sure it's a shock to you as well, I still can hardly believe it. That's what the mission is all about though, changes, changes, and even more changes! Which is a good thing, because President Hobbs keeps saying "Too much of a good thing is too much" which I agree with completely. I know the Lord will continue to watch over the Tongan ward and grant me another chance to see them again. It was hardest saying goodbye to Siaosi and Latu. I love those kids so much and since I got here, we saw them every Tuesday and we got to see them be baptized and grew a fantastic relationship with Agnes. I know I was meant to be apart of their life and I look forward to when I get to see them again. I actually only got to say goodbye to them over the phone, but I didn't cry once that day until I talked to them. It was rough, but Agnes goes "I'm not even giving you a hug because I know I'll see you again" ha, she's great. Man, they're the greatest people. 

For my last week there, we got to do a service project with the whole Victorville stake. We did a lot of painting, which is always fun. (Siope Moa painted the handicapped sign) It was kinda cold. That weekend I pulled out my coat, the desert is very unpredictable. Of course there was a lot more that happened, but we're only emailing for an hour today and I have a lot of pictures to attach. I'll be just fine, Proverbs taught me to trust in the Lord and I'm gonna do just that! I love you all and hope everything is going great back home! 2 more weeks and I will get to see your lovely faces! Have a good week everyone! Nofua!

- Elder Bennion
This is the Felila family! 

Na Felila was the one who passed away 2 weeks ago. As you can see, they have a very large family and they normally aren't all there when we come by, so it was perfect timing to get a picture with them. Sione is the one who took us golfing and Sister Felila is one of the BEST cooks in the ward. Their family is very special to me (:

Me and Rich! thankfully dad sent me that flag, Rich was pumped I had one. He is our EQP. He is a very well known rapper in Tonga!

Me and Bishop! 

This was the service project with all the missionaries. Sister Otuafi is from Tonga! 

The Moa family (: Their daughter Ofa is probably going to SUU! I believe Madi is going there next semester, so they will definitely have to meet up sometime!

The Nau's! (:

Oh man, Mele had us over for dinner almost every Sunday! She's so sweet. You would LOVE their family. I miss them!

The painting from Siope Moa ha!

This is Menelik and DJ. DJ was recently called as our ward mission leader. 

This is Oni Fotofili (Jack is his Palangi name). He lives in Salt Lake nowadays and is an RM, he served in West Virginia. He's awesome! 

This is the Taufelele's. Noke was baptized in Tonga, but his records were lost, so we've been teaching him since I got here!

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