Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hello again!

Sister Finau from the San Fernando mission! she lives somewhere in Utah.

Elder Va'enuku from Vava'u, Tonga!

Coldstone!Hello again, family! It's lovely to speak with you once again after a wonderful Facetime call. Thank you for spending an hour with me and hearing how my life is and updating me on yours as well. The calls home never do their justice, they always go by so quickly! I have a difficult time pulling away for some reason, but it's always a good feeling to thrust back into the work of the Lord. We had a very good Sunday following the call where we handed out a Book of Mormon and set up a church tour with someone, which is a very exciting experience.

I feel as though there were some things I was unable to hear clearly and I didn't give a good answer, like Connor's concern about talking with others. So let me explain my thoughts on that. The Lord is brilliant and does all things in His timing, so it is our responsibility to live worthy of the Spirit because it will fill our mouths with words and truths of the gospel that will really touch these people's hearts. There are many people who are willing to accept cards and what not, but I do think it is important that we realize any time we get to interact with these people, we need to realize that the Lord is preparing people that we may not recognize. Just like sports, adjusting and getting good at missionary work takes practice. Not that I will give any room or credit to myself on my mission, it's just true in any situation that you reap what you sew. I'm not sure there's any way to practice socializing with strangers other than just doing it. That's why I feel very blessed to have worked with people all day long at the theater and Crystal Inn. The theater is a great and easy place to apply socializing with others, perhaps Connor could try that, and who knows where religion might comfortably come up. I think we'd all be surprised that it is much easier to bring up God than we may think (: Also, if he could send me the story of fasting, that would be great. I didn't understand that as well as I wanted. But fasting does work, I have a true testimony of that!

I was so happy to see our extended family as well, they are fantastic people. I am so happy that Mason got called to Oregon and I am so happy I got to wish him luck and a temporary goodbye until next year. Every missionary is fit for their mission and Mason is going to accomplish wonders there. He is a great young man and I am so thrilled for his decision and the Timothy's, it feels good to be a missionary and he will bring great honor to Shauna and Calvin, they have raised a beautiful and special family.

I am still a bit puzzled on school, I don't know when the Lord is going to answer my prayer on that one, but I think I am leaning toward going to UVU and going into sign language. We will see and I will fast and pray about it when the time draws nearer, thank you for being patient with me. 

Life here is treating my very well. I enjoy my calling and being able to represent the Lord. I really love the aspects of missionary work, it feels good to be confident on my mission. There's never a dull day and I can really say that as I understand the Lord more through the Book of Mormon, I am able to say there is no need to feel let down if things don't work out the way we wanted. We need to be so much more submissive and move on with the things the Lord has planned. His will is so much important than our own and I know we must chime in to his desire to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. There are many people waiting for the gospel, they surround us every single day! There's so much left to do on the mission and I appreciate Ben and telling me that I need to be bold, I know it is a real blessing to those we teach as long as it is distributed with love. I need to apply that even more. 

Thank you all for your support and prayers and cheerfulness in my service, I promise that it makes a huge difference. I love you!!!

- Elder Bennion

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