Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just Serve


I will make this quick and easy, since there really is not all that much to report on.

Since last Sunday, I am doing pretty good. It was good to hear from you all, it's just weird to see how much things change. This week I went on 2 exchanges with the Zone Leaders and I was in Apple Valley on Wednesday and had a good day there. Thursday we did office stuff and proselyting and Friday we set up a really awesome weekly service project at the Senior Center, which is going to be so good for the missionaries here. The church really wants missionaries and members out in the community more because when your LDS, our whole pool of friends is LDS, we need to fix that! I know I was pretty much the same way, but how can we expect the Lord's work to hasten if we're just doing what is comfortable? I hope you've heard of it, but the church put out a great website called Just Serve, it's a very good opportunity to do as it states. We are very excited.

On Saturday, I was in Rancho with Elder Aso and he's half Samoan and half Tongan and we had a great day! He lives in West Jordan and acts just like I was hoping for! I was pretty much reminiscing a lot of the day and telling him stories about Victorville, but we always see miracles if we have the eyes to see them. Our Sabbath day was good as well, I was praying really hard to find a new investigator because we haven't in 2 weeks! No luck in that aspect, but you never know where you make a difference. I've been inspired by the scripture in D&C somewhere it tells us not to be weary in well-doing, and ain't that the truth! That's what the mission is all about.

It's P-day again and I really want to get as much stuff done so we can nap sooner ha, I love you all, have a good week!

- Elder Bennion

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