Monday, July 13, 2015

Hard to collect my thoughts

And here's another happy one to share the Tongan love!
Hello everyone!
I'm not sure if you have the same problem when it comes to writing people about your week, but I have to try really hard to collect my thoughts and events that happened, which is sad because 7 days really isn't a long time! When I emailed last, I spoke of the two week missionaries, and I'm hearing that's going well for the companionships in our missions. 
We went to a zone meeting last week in Apple Valley and got to see my trainer for the last time as 'Elder Kirkham'. It's gonna be weird to start calling him Stuart. He goes home today and I cannot believe that a year and a half ago, the Lord put us in Maple ward together, time sure flies! I am very appreciative of him and the work we were able to do in that ward. It's true that you will never forget your trainer.
This week, we were really busy, so we only got to teach 2 lessons, but I am now certified to drive the mission van! Perhaps it will be a skill to benefit me for the future, I'm not sure. But I am grateful to be more reliable for when we pick up the new missionaries at the airport in that vehicle. In 2 weeks, 29 new missionaries will be entering the Rancho Cucamonga mission and that's the biggest group this mission has ever had! It's going to be interesting and very, very busy! 
Sunday was definitely the best day out of our week. On Sunday, Uepi Kaufusi opened his mission call and he will be serving in El Salvador, Belize and will head to the Guatemala MTC on October 14th! How cool is that!? The ward is so excited about the whole thing and I am as well. We're pretty new to the ward, but Uepi's sister attended the Jeraldo ward, so I've felt connected to the Kaufusi's since, it was such a great occasion. It's so great to see these young men worthy and excited to serve. It brought back fond memories. In this picture, you'll see some pretty fine gentleman, ha! Just teasing. But Isi and Uepi are studs. I'm grateful to know them and to serve in their ward. 

We also got a new ward mission leader, Brother Harker,  and he is so awesome! He has a great sense of humor and sells solar, so he's already been a great missionary to strangers as the gospel is able to come up fairly often with his clients. The Lord picked the right person for the job (: We're excited to work with him and I know he'll be a great support for the Highland ward. 
I've been intrigued at the fact that this last general conference, a large portion of the talks were about family and marriage, and then we hear this big announcement amongst our country. I know more and more with occasions like this that apostles and prophets are such inspired men of God that can aid us and steer us to a haven of security and we can feel a sense of peace in the fact that God knows what He is doing and that we needn't ever wake up with a heavy heart. The immediate goodness of God allowed those under the reign of King Benjamin to have great views of that which was to come and I know that people such as Thomas S. Monson have the privilege and duty of delivering the Lord's will to us. In We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet, the last line reads "while they who reject this glad message, shall never such happiness know", I believe I've shared that before, but we are so blessed and fortunate to have men of great faith on the earth once again to carry out the Lord's plan. I am grateful for the Lord reaching out to Joseph Smith because He knew it was time. I'm grateful to have the gospel in my life and know it's here to bless each and everyone of us. I hope you all have a wonderful week at Lake Powell and that everyone remains safe and enjoys time with the family. I love you!
- Elder Shawn Lyle Bennion

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