Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 is ending.

I feel as though you are going to receive the most uneventful email yet ha! I am glad we got to talk on Christmas though. When the ward asked how it went, the word I came up with was refreshing. It's good to hear your voices and know that everyone is doing well. I'm glad to know that there was a lot of family time spent together, that always means a lot to me even if I am absent.

Basically here's what my week was like. We had a zone activity and did a white elephant thing, that was good. Trying to explain what that and a mistletoe is to Chinese people is actually very difficult. They do not understand the purpose of a mistletoe ha! Speaking of which, one of our English students had us over for dinner and it was so nice of her! Elder Hsu says she only comes to English class cause I'm there and when I leave she won't come anymore ha! I doubt that, but I basically just sat there and had Elder Hsu translate when I wanted to say something. It was a good dinner though! 

On Tuesday we did some caroling and then on Wednesday for Elder Hsu's birthday we went to Chili's, On Christmas Eve we just did regular missionary work, Christmas was hard because people were busy, with family, etc., actually this whole week was that way for the most part. I wish I had more miracles to share, but this time of year makes the work pretty challenging. If anyone had sparked an interest in the church, it was always "You can come back after the holidays", so as a missionary, I cannot wait for the holidays to be over ha! I've actually wanted them to be over for a couple of weeks now, so we have one more and then we're done! Yikes...

Things are going well though. We have a good week planned actually. Plus I've begun reading Mosiah and man, I just love reading King Benjamin's address. His address to me is all about our dependence upon God and His Son for literally everything we do. We are creatures made from the dust of the earth who are all beggars upon the same God, who's Atonement will reconcile us to the Father and no one, no name, no other way till do that except through His Son. How relieved and ecstatic King Benjamin must've felt to hear the angel say that all people will come to know Jesus Christ. Which reminds me of how we learned about the Millennium this Sunday, and I learned A LOT. What an exciting time that will be where Satan will be bound and we eventually won't even have to exert energy to avoid temptation. That to me sounds like bliss. 

Anyway, I'll talk to you once the new year comes around, how about that? Wow! 2015 is ending. Hmm. I think I'm just in denial about a lot of things or something because it doesn't seem real. Well, I love you all very much and hope you enjoy the last holiday of the year! We are supposed to be in by 6:00 p.m. that night, so I look forward to getting a good night's rest (: I love you, have a good week!

- Elder Shawn Lyle Bennion

Angel Chen


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