Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Utah Tendencies and Facts

Koriann, Mom, and Dad,

Remember when I said the work is picking up? Well, we were meeting with an Investigator named Patrick Casey, and if we can get him to quit smoking and get a confirmation for him that the book of Mormon is true, then my very first baptism will be March 22nd (': When he agreed to it, it brought the biggest smile to my face! It really is such a great feeling to bring Heavenly Father's children back into the fold. Wow I am just so excited for Patrick! He's black and in his 50's, but he is so knowledgeable about the bible. It was hard to keep up with his questions and show him the bible backed up everything. For real though, the work is picking up which makes me unbelievably happy. We try to get a new investigator every week, which we've been successful at every week except this one. But a baptismal date is pretty darn cool.
Also, get this. I whole-heartedly believe that when Nephi and his family sailed to America, they landed in California. 1st Nephi 8:1 says they gathered all types of seeds. There are these really ugly trees here called Joshua trees. They are only found in 2 places in the world: Jerusalem and California! Not to mention, when the Jaredites sailed from the Mideast, it took them 344 days to get from there to America. There's a current that goes from the Asia to California that takes exactly 344 days that passes through the Pacific ocean, which is right next to California! Call me crazy, but I think it's legit. Anyway, neat fact. Love you!

It's March! so crazy. The weather really is warming up there i'm sure. It rained all weekend, so it kept me and Elder Kirkham inside a chunk of the day, that was no fun. I was so bored! Elder Kirkham is actually younger than me! haha. Only by 5 months, but still, it's kinda funny. He keeps teasing me telling me I have Utah tendencies. In Priesthood, someone said that I give Utah prayers haha! I don't understand. But that's alright, I like Utah. I don't plan on living anywhere else for school. I like California, I just miss our family an awful bunch! I'm excited for Mothers day, but I am learning to be patient out here, i'm praying really hard for that Christlike attribute haha! Maybe one day (:
Your kids are growing oh so much, my goodness. Jordyn sends me snapchats of the babies, ask her how to do it and send me a video of Bristol walking!
Well, I got a lot of emails to respond to, but just know that I love you so much and look forward to Monday's to hear from you guys. When I get back, we are definitely going to get Panda Express. I get Fried Rice with orange and teriyaki chicken, wow I cannot stop eating it. I went 4 times in two weeks, I gotta calm it down a bit haha! But until that day comes, I gotta focus on the work. Things are great here, but I appreciate that continued prayers. Be of good cheer!

Elder Shawn Lyle Bennion

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