Monday, April 7, 2014

Not Much Time!

Email to KoriAnn & Ben from last week 
Pretty much ever since I've been here, every Sunday school lesson and sacrament talk has been on hastening the Lord's work haha. It's hard to motivate people because we are naturally apprehensive to talk to people about religion, but I've grown to like it because I know how much happiness the church has brought me. I didn't know this till I got out here, but member missionary work is how we are going to really hasten the work because people have grown so anti social and they don't make time or room for God. California is soooo apostate it's crazy haha. It makes me sad to see the decisions people make and how unhappy they are. Gary (one of our investigators) has tried committing suicide multiple times, yikes. We're giving him a book of Mormon this week and seeing if that makes a difference.
I'm so happy to hear your calling has made you feel more obligated to share the gospel, it's beautiful and joyous and in every aspect. I love being apart of the church and helping other people. Keep finding opportunities to spread the gospel and pray for opportunities!!!! I love you!
Elder Bennion

Email to KoriAnn & Ben from today 
I'm gonna write you a letter cause we're headed out, thank you for emailing! I promise i'll be better next week because Elder prestwich and hutchinson are driving us next week and email for a really long time like me. I love you!!!!! so so so much (:
Elder Shawn Lyle Bennion

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