Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Email to The Family
Well good news! I am now serving in the Upland Alta Loma ward!!!!!! I was super ready to be transferred and was super relieved to hear about my new assignment. I was in the desert earlier, but now I am down the hill as they say. It was time, that's all I have to say haha! My new companion's name is Elder Merrell and is from Vernal, but I like him so far! We are living with a member named Brother Wilson and he has a pool in a backyard, so that's a tease. But yeah, it's very nice here compared to Hesperia. The ward doesn't really like the Elders right now because the last Elder here was really picky and drenched everything in Ketchup, and the ward consists of a lot of old people apparently, so they were offended and yeah. I hope I make a good impression here!
Email to Ben and KoriAnn
Well, as I stated earlier, I am in a new area and already we have 11 investigators, which is more than I ever had in 3 months, but that's because we opened the area, so I guess that could be why. I'm excited to be in Upland though. Elder Eppich (my favorite missionary in the mission) was my zone leader in Hesperia and is my zone leader again in Upland! I'm super pumped about that (:
I didn't really want to stay in Hesperia, so i'm really glad to be here. I just didn't feel much purpose in Hesperia other than Tony our neighbor who LOVES prayer now. Gary was the guy who's mom was a pastor, but he only seemed interested in the church when he was vulnerable, it was weird. But yeah, I had a pretty good Easter! Did you guys? 
I'm so excited for Mother's day just to catch up on things, an hour on the computer simply is never enough time! Give it 3 weeks though (:
Really I just want you to know how much happier I feel I will be in Upland. Elder Merrell has been out for like 15 months so he'll be an excellent follow up trainer. I have confidence that God knows what He's doing and I feel bad I didn't trust his judgment enough in Hesperia. 
But yeah, things are good. New, but good. I love you guys and hope that you're only doing things that are pleasing to our Father in Heaven. Tell Ben congratulations. I'm sure that was a big accomplishment for him (:
I love you! Have an awesome week, and I will let you know my impressions of Upland next week (: Ugh. Seriously Koriann, I love you guys so much. But this is where the Lord needs me! (:
Elder Bennion

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