Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mansions and New Companion

Email to Family
That explains why people keep telling me I look happier haha! That makes sense. I need a cord for my camera so I can send some pictures home! You need to see the houses here, OH MY LANTA. Mansions are so neat. We tracted them and they were interesting! They were actually pretty nice too, just not interested (:
Well, i'm very much looking forward to Mother's day! I'm so excited to see Brighton ahhh! If I do skype, it won't be till at least 3:00 (Utah time). We have church 9-12, ward correlation 12-1, and ward council 1-2. Goodness, Bishops spend so much time at the church!
Either way, things are good here! It was a bit stressful this week as a lot of plans fell through and we weren't really getting anywhere with finding new investigators, but we set a baptismal date with a girl named Courtney. The thing about this area is if we want baptisms, we need to work with the members more. Alta Loma didn't have ONE convert baptism in 2013. That's awful! So a girl named Mckenzie is killer at inviting her friends. We're eating dinner with 5 or 6 non members on Sunday, so that'll be fun!
Elder Merrell and I work really good together so far! We quote spongebob often and we cruise in our 2014 corolla and that's awesome. he's a good contacter. I think God  placed me here to gain the ward's trust, because the ward isn't too thrilled with the Elder's right now, but i'm determined to change that!
well I love you so so much and am looking forward to our skype date very much (:
have a great week!
Elder Shawn Lyle bennion
This is me and Elder Kirkham waiting for the eclipse! It didn't happen till like 1:00, so we didn't get to see it, but we stayed out till 11:00 (which was a half hour after our bedtime, yikes!)

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