Monday, May 5, 2014

A Great Week!

Email Conversation with Mom
 Mom, this week was the best week I have had on my mission so far. It was a really good week for me because it involved a lot of stuff with the members, the dinners were awesome, and we got 4 new investigators! Now the problem is getting these investigators to not be so flaky! Grr. But either way, I love you and am very much looking forward to this Sunday!!! Love you more, love you most (:
Elder Bennion

This is Perry (:
The Tate's are a super awesome family in the ward and when we were over there, we were outside (because everyone in California has nice backyards and pools pretty much) and it was dark, but I hear this dog barking and I can see a long body and once I found it was a wiener dog, I FREAKED. I was so stoked. And good news, Perry likes me! She's so stinkin cute. They want her to have babies, so if for some odd reason they have puppies in two years when we visit, i'm convinced it's a sign to get a wiener dog. I hope you enjoy this picture (:

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