Friday, May 30, 2014

Alta Loma

Well, the Alta Loma ward is so so so great. I love them so much. The Martinez are my favorite family in the ward and they gave me a birthday card, that was awfully nice of them. And the best news. Courtney Smith is getting baptized on June 14th! This one is for real gonna happen though because we planned on the 24th of June, but she moved it up by herself! She's 15 and friends with someone from the ward, but she's ready. I'm excited for that. A guy named Dylan King in the ward is gonna baptize her, it'll be a very neat experience (: Oh man, on Friday Elder Merrell and I went to this Muslim Mosque! we went because we met a girl at the park and she said she'd come to our church if she came to ours. It was interesting. Kinda weird to me that people on view Jesus Christ as a Prophet, but it got her to see what the church is like. Her husband came and he was excited to see people well dressed. At the mosque, people come in normal clothes usually, so he was excited to see no tattoo's at church haha! I'm not sure if they'll become investigators, but it was still a neat experience. But yeah, things are good here. It'll be a fun week because there's a wedding on Saturday and we're meeting with an investigator named Fiorella who may end up with a baptismal date, we will see. Wow this is a long email!
Well, thanks for everything. Glad to see your fam is up to great things. Those T ball pictures are SO cute, oh my heck haha! I miss brighton so much. He's gonna be a great ball player. Miss you guys, talk to you when i'm 20 (: Love you!
Elder Bennion

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