Monday, June 2, 2014

Our 20 Year Old :)

Email to the Family
Because my conversion came through reading and developing a testimony of the Book of Mormon, I've been praying to find someone to share this book with that would have a similar experience. Sure enough, my prayer was answered this Fast Sunday right after church. We received this text from one of our investigators named Bryan:

"Thanks guys! and don't worry we are still super interested, we are just waiting on Ollie (his son) to feel better. Please continue praying for us, I have quit drinking all alcohol, all hot drinks (coffee and tea) and have stopped smoking completely. Outside of attending church, I have been trying to live my life according to the principles. I just think you guys may be on to something. I am reading the book of Mormon and although I am developing questions, I feel as though there is logical explanations for everything. I am also finding most of what has been said about you guys from the non-believers is unfounded and often has no truth. I have been very impressed by the positive consequences from my life changes. For the first time in my life I feel as though God is trying to lead my down a path, or I'm just finally listening. Either way my faith is growing based on results and reaffirmations. So I guess I'm saying thank you for not giving up on me. I've also been telling others about what I'm learning and because of the changes they are seeing in me, it appears their heart is softening to the teachings. Thank you guys very much! You may have saved my life!"
Some things you need to know about Bryan. Bryan had no faith in God 2 months ago and he wasn't living 4/5 things within the word of wisdom. Not to mention we received this text on fast Sunday. God is so incredible as he speaks to people through the book of Mormon to show that He does care about his children. He does provide the best for you and he does that through continued revelation. Not only did Bryan have a good experience with the Book of Mormon, but because of the joy within his heart, he has been sharing what he has learned with others. That's how the Gospel should be! A life-saving richness and fulness to our lives and i'm so so happy to see that Bryan experienced this. Miracles happen. And this one was definitely the most special to witness on my mission (:

Email to Ben and KoriAnn
You are in fact talking to a now 20 year old and of course I don't feel any different, but boy is it weird how time moves so quickly! Today is the beginning of my 4th transfer, how is that even possible?! 
I'm sorry to hear about Sister Garcia, that's too bad that emotionally she isn't stable. I hope she doesn't feel like a failure not take it to heart. Everyone's mission is different and i'm very excited to see that the hard part for me is over ( I think). In some ways it kinda stinks when you get transfered. I was excited to leave Hesperia, but i'm gonna be sad when I leave Alta Loma. I've loved serving here so much! The ward takes good care of us. My birthday here was pretty good because of them. The Martinez's got me a gift card to Target! Love them. And sister Nowa made me chocolate chip cookies, and the Fitisemanu's are having us over for cake today! On my birthday we did a service project, went tracting, studied, and went to a wedding. Not your average birthday, but still good regardless! I'm excited to get birthday packages though, that's for sure haha! 
Well, now that you heard my story about Bryan, how exciting is that?! It was so cool. Also, Martha is an investigator of ours who bore her testimony on Sunday. It was such a good fast sunday. Then as we went tracting later that day, we stopped by a lady named Ida's. Her pastor (who is a girl!) told her not to talk to the Mormons. This happens waaay too often here! but we re-assured her that the church is a good thing and she said she'd read the book of Mormon. We're making progress here and that's what matters, right?
Well, just know that I love where i'm serving much more than my last area. I'm happy here and am excited to here for another 6 weeks. Things are good with me, and I hope things are great for you and your family. Enjoy those T-ball games, i'm sure Brighton will get MVP by the end of the season (;
Love you and miss you!
Elder Bennion

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