Monday, June 23, 2014


I probably ought to send a mass email out to everyone. It's completely unintentional that I send things to other people that I forget to mention in other emails. On a mission my brain just feels so scattered and i'm just so frantic to fit intimate emails in for everyone. I don't normally get more than 10 emails a week. It fluctuates, especially today. I only got 4 emails haha! You're the only one in our family to email me this week! It kinda makes me sad. I love hearing from you guys so much. It is a sad truth that the further out you get, the less contact you have from people haha, it's alright though. I feel bad because mom said she knows more about me through Elder Merrell's blog than my emails, but I was under the impression my emails were informative, i'm not sure how descriptive his are. He has a very theatric mind with a goofy, but enjoyable personality, so it must be more comical than the things I have to say. Huh, I didn't really take into consideration how I compile mine.
Either way, there's nothing really much to report on unfortuantely. We had a very labor filled week, which is always a good thing. Service is fun. We dug up cactus' for a couple hours and I got pretty burnt. But the lady got us papa johns, so it was worth it (: I went on exchanges this week with our district leader so I went to another area, and it was so refreshing to be on a bike instead of trapped in a car all day. It was also nice because it allows a lot more social opportunities. You miss out on so much in a car. But in our area it's extremely helpful to have a car because our area is a big hill. We're living with Brother Wilson and we're convinced his wife haunts Elder Merrell, it's really funny actually. I'm not sure if I told you that story, but I get a laugh every time he tells it. We got a new investigator this week, so that always puts your spirits high. Me and Elder Merrell have been pretty good at getting a new investigator every week, I imagine President Hobbs is excited about that, because Upland used to be a super slow area, but it's definitely picking up.
So I heard Janeese got her mission call and that just makes me so happy for her! She sounds very excited about it and that's so neat she got called to Washington! I'm excited for her, it's really great to see her so happy about her decision. I remember the feeling of holding a package in my hands of where my life will be for the next 2 years. The initial feeling of complete and utter surprise my call was in the mail was just incredible. It kinda stinks I may not experience that again. But that's okay!
That's about it for now. I really wish I had more to say! ): But just know that things are well with me. The transfer ends in 3 weeks and Elder Merrell will probably be transferred. Time goes by so quickly out here, it's weird. Well I love you and am very grateful you took the time to email me. I love hearing from you guys and wish you the best of luck in your calling. Remember to look outward (:
Elder Bennion

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