Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Great Week

The email to Mom was much more descriptive about who they are teaching so I will just add this email from Shawn. 
I brought my journal with me so that you can get a better idea of my feelings toward my mission and who we're working with.
Martha Fitisemanu's husband is a member, but she is not. We've been teaching her since I got here and I absolutely adore her. We're meeting with her tonight and are going to invite her to be baptized. I truly think she will say yes because she has made immense progress and has even joined the ward choir. She's a fantastic lady.
Courtney Smith is 15, and a member's friend. We meet with her twice a week and she is in love with Dylan King in the ward. He leaves on a mission real soon and he won't be able to baptize her because unfortunately she will not be ready. i'm not sure when she'll be baptized, it keeps getting postponed.
Jessica Rodriguez is in her 20's and we've only met with her twice, she's been reading the BOM and we're going to extend a baptismal invitation to her this Thursday.
Brian and Heather have been put on hold.

And we received 3 referrals this week, which I think 2/3 will accept a baptismal date this week! Sally and Jen (:
I had such a good week last week. I felt like I was living the missionary dream. We were busy and I just felt so good the entire weekend. This weekend is going to be great as well with what we already have planned. I feel like i'm contributing to the Lord's work finally and it feels good. Things are so good. We're doing service for a lady named Silka on Saturdays and I love her so much. I feel as though I can legitimately say that I love the people I serve, her being one of the biggest reasons. I'm not sure what it is, she's just a great lady and my charity has grown since I met her somehow. Did you feel that way towards certain people on your mission? I just meet the greatest people here and it makes me so happy. I'm so excited for this week!!!!! I've never felt this ambitious towards the work, and boy i'm just ecstatic. 
I LOVE my mission. I have some pictures I want to show you, i'll try my hardest to send them. I love you SOOO much and miss you like crazy! Have a great week mom (:
Elder Bennion

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