Monday, July 21, 2014

New Companion

Gosh, I miss those kids (: Brighton is getting so so big! And Bristol too, her hair looks very light. Oh dear, the nostalgia ha.
I'm excited for you to go to Powell! I'm excited to go with Brighton when I get back. He's so much fun to hang around. I know you are going to miss seeing him all day long. I miss seeing him grow up, but that's okay! We'll be re-united someday.
It's so hard to get to people to church and I don't know why! Jessica didn't come for some unknown reason, but maybe next week. After 9 weeks of not going to our ward, I missed it, for some people, it will take longer, but i'm glad she had a better experience. Church is such a great place to be!
I'm sorry this is such a lame email. I've been a little stressed because of the whole training situation, because I feel such an obligation to make Elder Boltz's mission a great experience. He's from Ogden (He told my Mom he is from South Willard)  and is lactose intolerant and nearly passed out yesterday because he had something with whey in it. It freaked me out! So we gotta be smart about paying attention to ingredients. I'll try sending a picture next week (: I didn't receive a package yet ): but i'll call the mission office. Thank you so much for whatever it is!
Next week, I'll have much more interesting things to say, promise! until then, have a great time at powell! very jealous. But then again, you ought to be jealous of me as well, because California rules! Be safe, I love you!!!
Elder Bennion

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