Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Email to Dad

Glad to hear you had a great time at Powell! I miss that place, but me and 2 elders discussed how we're gonna go when I get back ha. Missionaries are the coolest friends!
The work here is pretty darn good! I had such a good week while you guys were enjoying yourselves as well. We saw miracles left and right!
Here's a story for you:
Before the new missionaries are assigned a companion, President Hobbs interviews them to help them be with a companion they'll get along with.
Elder Boltz requested someone who is loving, yet bold, and likes to follow the rules. President replied "I think I have the perfect companion for you" so I am very flattered that that's how president views my ethic. We are being super obedient and the miracles that happened this last week were incredible! We always write down when we see the Lord's hand in our work.
We started teaching a guy named Ricky who is 18 and is in a band, he plays the drums and he's a really cool kid! His aunt was baptized two years ago and he sees a large change in her and he wants the same thing, so he said if he finds the book of mormon to be true, he will be baptized! We're aiming for August 30th.
Stake conference here is August 23rd and 24th. Guess who's visiting the Rancho Cucamonga mission? Elder Russell M. Nelson! Aww yeah. That'll be my second time meeting an apostle (:
Ever since I hit my 6 month mark, I feel so much less homesick. Like, for the first time I feel like I feel this is my home, if that makes sense. It's a huge feeling of relief because I had such an emotional tie to the family, but the rate that the work is going here makes it so rewarding and I love it. I feel much happier since I started training Elder Boltz. We're trying our hardest, that's for sure.
I appreciate the email. Glad you had a blast at Powell. I sure miss it, but I know where people need me and i'm more than happy to devote my time to God's children. I love you so much and hope that you continue to have a great week!
Elder Bennion

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