Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Service & Information on Investigators

Email to MomI apologize that we didn't get to email yesterday, there was a HUGE mudslide in Mt. Baldy so we gave up our P day to help out these people. We may have potentially made it on the news haha! Elder Larson made it in the newspaper! Not that we need recognition, but there were about 40 missionaries there yesterday, and they responded much quicker than the San Bernardino fire department. Oh man, it feels good to be apart of such a service oriented church!
But anyway, this week was a bit rough, but apparently a lot of missionaries had the same experience. We're having a hard time meeting with our investigators! It's frustrating, but I trust the timing will work in ours and their favor.
I wish I had more to say other than the fact that my mission is great and that I am always so inspired when we have a zone meeting about submitting everything to God. I'm so happy to know that I have every single second of my day for 2 years to be steered towards others. It's not always going to be like that and that saddens me, but what an opportunity this is!
It rained here this weekend (hence the mudslide) and I was so happy about it ha. It barely ever rains here "/ It's rained 3 times since i've been here! How's your summer been? I keep hoping so hard the theater picks up, It makes me sad to hear how the world is and how everything is profane and unappealing to the culture we have in Utah. It's such a great place where innocence is more achievable than other states. Not living in it makes me realize how much I love it!
Well, hopefully this week will hold much more interesting stories. Know that I love you a ton and hope that everything back home is going well. I had a terrible dream last night that someone bombed the U.S. and I woke up and it felt so real. My stomach was in knots! So it makes me happy to know everything is okay haha. Either way, I love you! Miss you Mom (:
Elder Bennion
p.s. i'm sending a letter home, but could you send it to Uncle Jayson? Idk his address. You are welcome to read it, but if you could send it his way, that'd be awesome!
Email to Ben and KoriAnn
Boy do I love your emails! They always make me laugh as you resemble our Father in the best possible way. It's awesome how our parents can be such a good ally to our testimonies, Dad definitely has played a large role in mine! I see how much a woman can do for a man, and I know that mom got dad serious about the church, and unfortunately, that's just what happens with guys haha! We need you around, that's for sure.
We kinda had a boring week! All 4 of our investigators cancelled this Saturday ha, it was ridiculous! That's Satan for you. We kinda dropped Jessica because she's scared to convert ): But she did tell us in all sincerity how we did accomplish so much at her house and we taught her how to see God in her life again. I do think one day she will be a member of the church, just not right now. She needs to get things settled between her and her boyfriend and the rut they're in is not something missionaries should know about. It involves the help from a bishop.
Ricky has been slightly uncommitted. We should see him this week though!
We picked up a guy named Sean and he's been pretty cool.
We kinda teach a girl named Gabby, and she would easily get baptized, but she is terrified of her anti-mormon sister. Ugh, I had anti material haha!
My mission is great though! Oh man. We just did a 7 hour service project yesterday which took over our P day, but man, it was so great. I love service so so much. There was a huge mudslide and cars and houses were packed with mud, to the point it reached their doors and broke through their windows so we had to dig out cars and doors, and man, nature is ruthless sometimes! I wish I had more to report on, but it was kind of a slow week. We're finally picking up Brian and Heather again!!! ahh!!! i'm so excited. They're such a cool couple. I'll have to let you know what's new with them.
I guess that's all for now, I love you so much though and am happy to hear things are great for your family! Oh man, they warm my heart (: Miss you!
Elder Bennion

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