Monday, August 11, 2014

Email to Dad

Last week was crazy so I apologize for not emailing. Sister Rich in the ward was telling me all about the Ogden open house and how she wants to go. I don't remember the Nauvoo one much, and when the Brigham open house was here, I was certainly not in the right mindset, so it wasn't as spiritual to me, so I look forward to attending an open house eventually. Speaking of temples, I found out we get to go on September 25th to the Redlands temple and I am so excited! The Nowa's in the ward are taking us and I love them so much, so we're looking forward to that day. I love going in a new temple, oh man.

The Mt. Baldy project was probably my favorite service project i've been involved in. There were about 50 missionaries there, and as I caught myself thinking like Ammon, I was joyous to see this to a degree. It was awesome to see the church was the first to respond to this, wow! It got to the point where the San B fire department had asked us what they can help us with, pretty neat huh? I don't mean to boast, but the church is so stinkin' cool in how service oriented it is.

Have you ever read over your patriarchal blessing and caught yourself experiencing a certain part word for word? We taught a very spontaneous 16 year old about the Book of Mormon and she was very hasty at first wondering why God lets bad things happen. Within a half hour, she was so intrigued to our conversation and Elder Boltz and I responded through the spirit with compassion and she accepted a Book of Mormon gladly. I bore her my testimony of Jesus Christ and it brought tears to both hers and my eyes. My patriarchal blessing said that the spirit will enter in and people will know of my genuine testimony of the Savior and I feel as though I just witnessed that, and WOW! It was a neat experience.

So we currently have no baptismal candidates haha! Of all the 5 baptisms people have accepted, they've all fallen through haha! At the time it's not funny, but it never did say in my call that i'd baptize anyone, so I need to feel less entitled. The missionary work is fun to do anyway. Stressful at points, but beyond satisfying.
With each companion I get, the work gets even better, it's really awesome. I truly love serving in Alta Loma though. I've been here for 4 months, believe it or not. I love the members so much and I have loved interacting with the non-members here and the investigators we do have. I love this area so much, my goodness.

Well, We have a really good week ahead of us actually. I'm looking forward to all the adventures that come my way. Thanks for filling me in on life. Enjoy the open house (: I love you so much dad, thanks for helping me get here!

Elder Bennion

A little bit about Elder Boltz (this is from an email from Shawn, to Ben and KoriAnn)
Let me finally address things between Elder Boltz and I because I do neglect that a bit ha. We work really well together! He's definitely a new missionary, but I am impressed with how well he is progressing and am excited to be serving together. We get a lot done and we are always working on our exact obedience to see miracles. We saw many this week and it's always super neat to see those. He's from South Willard, loves running, Spongebob, art, and snowboarding. We haven't had really any problems, and for a month, that is pretty darn good!

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