Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 18th Email

You went to the concert?! How exciting. To be honest, it pressed on my mind often. My day was actually fairly tough. Satan was working on me hard! all 3 of our appointments cancelled but I tried so hard to be diligent. Funny story though: There was a lady walking 2 dogs and we started talking to her. Turns out they aren't hers, but she found them and is going door to door trying to find the owner. Sometimes I do not think and I offered to take the dogs because we were planning on tracting anyway and then I could use them as a way to start conversations with people. Well let me tell you what. That was a nightmare. I was just trying to do a good thing and it completely backfired haha! It says in the white handbook we aren't to have any pets, but I thought we would get rid of them by that evening, but unfortunately we had them for 2 days, and that second night the pitbull would not stop barking and I slept terribly hahah. Looking back on it, I cannot believe I thought it was a good idea. So that's my story on service. Luckily the owners claimed them 2 days later because they put up a lost dog sign all over a street called Sapphire and somehow they showed up at Brother Wilson's.
Other than Wednesday, this was a great week! We gave Silke a Book of Mormon and she said "I will tell you what: leave me your contact information and if I ever become a believer, I will personally contact you and let you know". I just love Silke so much, she's one of my favorite people here. And then we visit a lady named Claudia (we're definitely coming back to California to visit her) and everytime we come over, she teaches me spanish. I can pray in Spanish and can introduce us as missionaries and ask if you would like to hear a message about how the gospel has been restored. It's a fun language, and it is super useful here in California.
I gotta tell you, Alta Loma is seriously so great. Baptisms are on hold right now, but i'm strangely alright with that. I love talking to people on the street. It's great! Sister Hobbs says I have the reputation amongst the mission to talk with everyone, so i'm pretty pumped on that. I love this area, it's just going so well for me. The members are great and so are the people. Especially Bryan and Heather! Finally after 4.5 months, they came to church!!! It was awesome. I hope to work with them more closely.
This is the last week of the transfer, but there is good news! This weekend Russell M. Nelson is going to be speaking to the missionaries!!! Stake Conference is here this weekend and i'm so pumped. We get to hear from him 3 separate times this weekend, it'll be awesome. Missions are great, they're an awesome time. I love being out here.
I also love you guys so much, don't get me wrong. I'm glad to hear everything is great back home. Enjoy the summer while it lasts! Miss you guys!
Elder Bennion

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