Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Re: No news is good news :)

My Mom and Shawn had another email conversatiion yesterday. 
They talk about everything and anything. So I am not going to put all of their conversation up. 
Email to Ben and KoriAnn
Speaking of sickness, Elder Merrell threw up today because for P day us and some youth from the ward went to a trampoline park (the one Utah is much better by the way) and after all the flips we did, he wasn't feeling too well haha! He's feeling better now though. Elder Merrell is so funny! The more this transfer goes on, the more I realize he acts like Elder Kirkham! It's odd. They could be good friends. I saw Elder Kirkham today actually! Did you know in California they have 2 week missionaries? the priests sign up to live a mission lifestyle for 2 weeks with us. We didn't get one, but I think the idea is brilliant! I never would've done that when I was a priest, so props to these kids for preparing for a mission!
Glad to hear that you enjoyed the story of the guy raging about the devil. Oh my goodness, when it happened, my feet picked up so quickly and I bolted from the door. Elder Merrell is used to it, but c'mon I used to be scared of toilets, so it only makes sense that would freak me out. We had an interesting time tracting this week! We went tracting on a private road, but I didn't know that so this couple got angry with us because they were in their robes outside enjoying their weather. Then we went tracting in a gated neighborhood and everyone was really nice to us except this one guy who said if he saw us in the neighborhood again, he'd call the cops on us. Oops. I wonder how God feels about us tracting in areas that say no trespassing?
Oh my goodness, I forgot Dave and Jamie had a baby! Oh man, that's exciting for them. Hopefully I will see a picture. I hope you're recording Brighton when he plays tball. I'd love to see some videos when I get back. Except by then he'll be playing coach pitch. Man, that kid is just the cutest! It's kinda hard being away from him and this fun period in his life! But that's okay, I get to see others grow in a different aspect. 
Here's a funny story for you. So we're living with Brother Wilson and his wife passed away 2 years ago. The other day Elder Merrell found some unopened tights of hers that he put on to be funny and all the sudden the door closes. So Elder Merrell rips them off and we were a bit startled. Then I was praying and then our keys fly off the table. Then lastly, Elder Merrell and just fallen asleep and thump! His whole body nails the wall. I asked him if he just flinched in his sleep, but he claims he was minorly possessed hahaha, I can't tell this story without laughing. That night was freaky though.
Lastly; it kinda stinks when you find people interested in the gospel who aren't in your area. We met these kids who live 20 minutes away, but we were at the park and they asked us to play soccer with them. We lost 3-0, but we send them scriptures every day and we even went to a trampoline park with them for P day. It's kinda cool because even if they don't end up investigating right now, imagine what's gonna happen when they see missionaries in the future. They're gonna be like "these guys are cool! They played soccer and we went to a trampoline park with them!" The seeds have been planted and who knows what's gonna happen with them. It was a fun week! But at the same time very slow. We have found a new investigator every week for the past 8 weeks, but not this week, It's okay, there were highlights all throughout the week (:
Wow this is a long email! Hope it was entertaining. Thanks for sharing, I love to hear from you guys so much (: I love you and miss you guys!
Elder Bennion

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