Tuesday, June 9, 2015

An Eventful Week

I am happy that I actually had an eventful week, so now my e-mail won't bore you to death!
It was a pretty good week. We joined the Rancho zone for a game of kickball on Monday and we also played a game of Rugby and I scored 2 try's, whoo! It's such an exhausting and challenging sport, but I really enjoy it! Apparently BYU has a really good womens team, so that's cool! And then for my birthday lunch, we went to Red Robin for my first time. It was good, nothing too crazy though. And then we were in the office for the duration of that evening.
On Tuesday we had a meeting with President Hobbs and then he was kind enough to take us to a Thai restaurant for dinner and the Hobbs are such fantastic people! I love them so much! I enjoy when I get to know them on a personal level. Get this: The Hobbs LOVE Maddox and they actually want to move to Brigham City one day. How neat would that be? We are so blessed to have them around. President Hobbs is just so admirable. He's a very humble and simple man who has a passion for obedience. He is a wonderful mission president. 
On Wednesday and Thursday, we pretty much just had meetings to prepare for transfers as well as have a council thing with the zone leaders in the mission. On Friday we had a staff meeting, and then Saturday we had a good proselyting day. Sunday came around and I was just kind of grumpy that day. But sure enough, the Lord really blessed us as we went out to work that day. We fasted for a new investigator because we've been really struggling in that, and although we didn't accomplish that today, it doesn't mean it won't be in the near future! We met a really super cool that night who have relatives in St. George and they said they'd love to learn more about the church. Elder Sudol and I have quite a few experiences like that throughout our week that really prove to me the Lord is aware of His work and that He will prepare His children for the gospel when they are ready for it. I have all confidence in that. I'm thankful that although I was baptized once upon a time, we all ourselves must experience that change of heart to be converted to the gospel. Similar to the story of the 10 virgins; you can't give your testimony to someone else, they need to develop it on their own. Ain't that the truth!
This week is the week before transfers, so pretty much for this week and the next we're going to be very busy with the new missionaries. There is an elder coming in who is a recent convert of a year and half, has no other members in his family and is serving as a ward mission leader. I'm excited to meet him, he already sounds like he has a great story. 

My mission continues to be unlike anything else I've experienced in my life where I realize there's no satisfactory substitute that will develop you as a disciple of Christ than a mission. Maybe one day I'll get it down that we need to be swallowed up in the will of our Father. I know the Lord's work is true, I know His church is on the earth again, and I know that Christ, our Brother and our Savior, made an infinite sacrifice for people as numerous as the stars on earth. We're all striving for something impossible as mortals, but because of Him, we have an avenue back to our Heavenly Father because of an incomprehensible love He has for each of His children, and what a blessing it us to fall under that triumphant category.
I love you!
Elder Shawn Lyle Bennion

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