Monday, June 1, 2015

It's P Day Again

This week flew by, it's crazy to think it's p day again, let alone June! By now my birthday has passed and I had a very good birthday. I was kind of being a punk about it at first, but once we started working, things got really good. Thank you for those who wished me a happy birthday.
We had a really good week! On Tuesday we spent a lot of time outside and man, it is getting hot. People in Rancho are pretty friendly to us and offer us water though, that's always nice of them. On Wednesday we had a meeting with the new missionaries, Thursday we finished our last exchange with zone leaders for the transfer and that was good, Friday we had the cyber seniors class and visited an investigator and that was great! Then on Saturday, we spent all day outside pretty much, we worked hard! We're having a difficult time finding new people to teach, but each day we have an awesome experience that the Lord uses as a way to motivate us and let us know we're on the right path. I trust He'll take us to people need a type of service or lifting their spirit. For my actual birthday, we gave a non member a blessing and immediately after, she told us that she could already feel a difference. The priesthood truly is connected with the powers of Heaven, it's so awesome!
I wish I had more motivation to share more details, but I'm honestly tired of typing ha! Next week I will try to share more. But then again, we have a very busy week ahead of us as well, so I'm not sure what will happen by next Monday. Anyway, summer is starting a week later than I anticipated for you all, so I'll wait till next week to wish you a happy summer. Love you all!
- Elder Bennion

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