Monday, August 24, 2015

Life is awesome

We are approaching the end of August, how odd. This week was a pretty good one though! Last week we played soccer and I shouldn't have let myself get so into it because I certainly regretted how sore I was all of last week ha! I definitely shouldn't take my health for granted. 

This week we had a meeting to follow up with the new missionaries and their trainers and we have got a lot of new missionaries coming in again in 2 weeks, so it's gonna be interesting who the Lord calls to train. I would love to train again, it was such a good experience for me. I get to see Elder Boltz a lot more too now that he is a zone leader. 

We did 2 exchanges this week so that allowed us a lot of proselyting time. Earlier this week, I made it a goal that I would boldly follow all promptings. I was nervous to try it, but I was excited at the same time to see where the Lord wanted us to be. We were talking to these guys in their garage who were clearly not interested, but they accepted a card anyway. Right as we were walking away, I hear someone from that same garage say "Today marks the day that my mom passed away 4 years ago" and right then, I knew we had to go back. I was so nervous, but I knew a prompting promoted us to go back. They were surprised to see us back on their driveway and we basically bore a brief testimony of The Plan of Salvation and his tone changed from the time prior and he said "Thank you, I really appreciate that" whether that did anything, I'm not sure. But I'm realizing so much more now than ever that if we want others to feel the Spirit of our message, then we need to testify so that it'll create an environment for the Spirit to touch these people's hearts. Nevermind that we believe that the church is true, we need to proclaim that we KNOW it to be true! Being bold shows that you have faith and confidence that the church really is the restored church on earth again. Try taking that to heart and I promise you will be amazed as to what your testimony is like along with what it can do for others. 

On Friday, we moved in the new senior couple, the Hess'. I believe they are the ones from Layton that have grandkids in Brigham? We met them today, so we'll progressively get more acquainted. And then we just did more planning the rest of that day and we also got to see a guy named Seni Toki, he's awesome. The Toki family is huge in this area, so it's really cool to meet them all and see how they're related to others in the ward. The Tongans certainly have connections to everyone in their culture. It's pretty cool to think that there are enough Tongans in one area to have their own ward, I feel very lucky to be serving in one too (:

On Saturday, I was on exchanges with a spanish missionary named Elder Millano and we ran into some people who were deaf, I love those opportunities to try and speak with them, those are little tender mercies. But either way, he was telling me about Utah and how his school is only 20% LDS. I was shocked! Apparently Salt Lake is being more and more populated, which means that there is a lot of missionary work to be done there! How exciting! Here's a name you'll never forget. We finally got to meet someone in the ward named the Fahamokioa's and they're awesome! The father used to be in a band called Sons of Manasseh, which is pretty big in the Polynesian culture. 

The work is going really good for us though! The Tongan wards aren't known for having a lot of work to do with investigators, but our lessons with Jonathan have been going great and we're trying really hard with a guy named Michael, and though I don't see what the Lord sees, I still have a very good feeling about those two and the church. We'll be fasting for them sometime this week because they have such great families and great potential and are great to be around. I'm very blessed and very happy with the things in my life. I was reminded about the love my family has for me because I got a card from the Luker's this past week and it brought a big smile to my face. Tell them I say Malo aupito! (thank you very much). 

Life is awesome, have a good week everyone!

- Elder Bennion

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