Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This week was productive.

It's a good thing that numbers don't reflect our efforts that we put into the work, because we didn't have a single lesson until last night at 6:00 p.m.! However, I would say that this week was productive and that as we serve our fellow men, we are also serving the Lord. I think about that concept and I think when we do kind things for others, it's a blessing to the Lord because He relies so much upon us to be His hands. As we serve others, I think we're doing the Lord a favor because it causes Him less worry for His children. To know that they're in good hands has got to be such a relief to Him and allows Him to focus more on those who appear farther beyond reach. I hope what I said make sense, it does to me at least!

This week, 3 of our days revolved around a meeting we had with all the zone/district leaders so that took up a lot of our proselyting, but this Tuesday was Elder Hancock's 20th birthday! We went to Wendy's and then got taken to Ono Hawaiian barbecue for dinner and it was awesome! I love Elder Hancock, he is a well-rounded person that is sympathetic and very caring. He's also a very fun and easy-going companion. 

It's so nice that we are only having to serve in one ward, doing two at a time was stressful and it has allowed us to get to know the ward better, which is so helpful in a Tongan ward. They must like us because they assigned us to speak in sacrament meeting yesterday and I'd say it went very well! On Saturday, there was a party for the Meleisea's son Francis. He turned one, which is a big deal to their culture, and there was awesome food and it was just so nice of them to invite us. The ward says that the missionaries are always special guests anywhere we arrive at, it's just nice to know they feel and enjoy the Spirit in which we carry with us. The power of the priesthood is real! I actually had this awful dream this week that a house we were staying at was haunted and that we used the priesthood to banish the evil in it, ha, it was kinda weird, but cool!

I want to write about another dream that I had this week. I had a dream that Shelby and I we're with Grandpa Walker. We had our hands on his shoulders as if we were trying to comfort him because something was bothering him. He pleaded that we could say a prayer together and in the dream, all I remember was Grandpa started crying and in the prayer, he uttered "I just want it to be Sunday so I can be happy". I'm not sure why I remember that line so vividly, but I thought it was so interesting that I woke up on Sunday morning with that comment in my head. I'm not sure if the dream has any connection to things going on back home, but I just think that every Sunday needs to be treated with the utmost reverence and with those whom God intended for us to be with eternally. I know that Grandpa made Sunday his priority to go to church, it didn't even matter if he knew he was going to fall asleep or that he couldn't find his hearing aid, I think what mattered to him was that he could feel the sacrament keep him alive and empowered. I know he had a deep appreciation for the gospel and that he always retained a remembrance of how the Lord was so merciful to him. Grandpa was always so grateful for the simplest of things, which is why I feel as though my dream was so realistic and matched his character completely. What a great man he was, I'm thankful to call him my grandfather.

As for the teaching, this week will be great, we have 3 zone conferences to attend, it'll be great! Jonathan Meleisea has been praying all week, sometimes even before his wife gets to it! I love when people take small steps, such as praying (:

I love the gospel so much! I wish that my mind would unplug from any distraction or tie I have because I know that what we do is so important! I'm trying really hard to be more genuine when I testify and quickly respond with my testimony of Joseph Smith. I know he restored this gospel which gives us access to our Savior's atonement and that we're bound to Him when we make covenants, participate in the sacrament regularly, and study The Book of Mormon. I know the church is true and it always will be. I know God lives, simple truths as this fills my life with joy and abounding hope. I love my mission and my life as a whole. I love you, have a great week everyone!

- Elder Bennion

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