Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I love serving a mission, that's all there is to it!

I love serving a mission, that's all there is to it! I don't necessarily have much news,  but that doesn't matter!

This week was super great. All the new missionaries are now to their new areas and doing well. It was really busy around here, but things have settled a bit. 

We get to teach more and more each week in the Tongan ward and that makes me happy. We continue to see progress with the part member family we're working with as well as making good relationships with the ward members and there's another part member family that we're really hoping the Lord will work a way for us to start teaching. The work we do at the office is a good combination with the ward. Elder Fonua leaves on his mission today and yesterday he had a big eat and I met Kalani Fitisemanu! Pretty cool. I like meeting new people. 

Let me tell you about Elder Hancock:
Elder Hancock loves soccer and music and Wendy's, those all seem to be good components to me! He's a very ambitious person that's always anxious to improve, I enjoy that about him. On Monday, we locked an important key in a cupboard and with his skills, we were able to retrieve the key and though that may seems uneventful, it was awesome once the task was complete. He's a thinker alright!

Sorry this is not very informative and probably kind of boring, just know that things are going really well for us, it's just that we spent the majority of our time in the office Monday-Friday! The Lord is splendid though and helped us have some great proselyting opportunities in the meanwhile. The wonderful thing about the Restoration of the gospel is that from here on, the Lord is always preparing His children to hear the gospel in all parts of the world. I'm grateful that there's no need to scramble around looking frantically through the bible of how to obtain what He intends for us and hitting a dead end. I'm thankful for prophets and how clear their prophecies and counsel are for us in the latter-days. There are so many struggling on the wayside and abandoning their faith, but I know that unless we have a faith in our Savior, He will deliver us into the promised land. 

I love you, happy to hear from you all as well. Take care!

- Elder Bennion  

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