Thursday, October 8, 2015



There's really not much I can inform you of since I just emailed a couple of days ago, but I thought I'd just mention how much I have learned from President Hobbs since being an assistant. He told us the neatest story about his grandson that wanted to call his mom and his phone. Unfortunately, his grandson didn't know his mom's area code and he was so upset and President Hobbs requested over and over again to let him help him to type it in but he just sobbed and refused. Finally, after some humbling minutes, he asked for President's help, which then allowed his grandson to cheerfully speak with his mom. He then told us how we act the exact same way to the Lord where we fight His assistance, when our lives could be so much easier if we simply let go of our pride. That has stuck with me for the past couple of days and I am appreciative of his life lessons that he's willing to share with us. He's such an inspired man with his heart exactly in the right place. I really love President Hobbs.

We did 2 exchanges this week and on both of them, we spent a lot of time on bikes and it was so great! I've missed it. 

We had a really good Sunday. Church is always good and we had dinner at a family named the Fonua's and they are so awesome! Brother Fonua goes "For being 2 palangi's in the ward, they really like you!" it was nice to hear that. They let us leave with ice cream and we took it to the Meleisea's, which was perfect because it turns out it was their 2nd anniversary yesterday! It was nice of them to have us over. I love teaching Jonathan, his lessons are going so well. Hopefully we'll be able to watch conference with them this weekend. I love the hymn We Thank Thee, O God, For A Prophet so much because I know the last line is so true "While they who reject this glad message, will never such happiness know". Use your ears and your brain this upcoming weekend and you are going to receive the best counsel for your future, I know Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet of God. All of God's callings are inspired, and I am so grateful that he has the faith to receive revelation for the world and even in his old age, he is willing to serve Him with all his capacity. I know that as members of Christ's church, it is our responsibility to help the prophet maintain a good name because we sustained him and told him we'd support him and never would we ever disregard or mock his message. I know he speaks directly for God and it makes his words even more special. I can't wait to see what is next for our dispensation. I love you!

- Elder Bennion

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