Monday, October 12, 2015

The mission is great, I couldn't be happier!


We're making our way into week 6 of the transfer, I don't get how it always comes so quickly. This means I've been in Rancho Cucamonga for 6 months now! I've really enjoyed serving in the heart of our mission, I was always hoping to serve here. The people are so nice here. We've been out on the bikes a lot more and it's always fun when people honk at you. 

I wish that I had more exciting things to share, but perhaps that gives me more time to speak more spiritual and mention some things I've learned from my mission.

I did want to mention that on Friday morning, I looked at my planner and had a feeling that October 9th was something special, but I just couldn't think why. After eating dinner though, it clicked that 2 years ago that day I had opened my mission call!!! I could hardly believe it. As you're reading this, can you wrap your brain around that? My choice to serve a mission has brought me the most satisfaction that I personally could fathom. It's been such a delight to share with others how I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God. You'll run into this everywhere in the world I'm sure, but California especially has such a variety of religions and philosophies that distract from the underlying fact there is only One who was capable of making a sacrifice so profound to redeem us from our sins and our follies. I think about how foolish some of my decisions have been, but that Christ will never be one to hold it against me. I'm so thankful for never having the feeling that He is going to withhold His forgiveness from me. Not that it's anything to take advantage of, but I do know it's always there. Thankfully because of that, I was able to put aside my pride and choose to embark in the service of the Lord and I'm blessed to carry that message everywhere I go. 

To be honest, I'm drawing a blank on what else to mention. I just know that the gospel is true. It's so black and white and I'm grateful to have The Book of Mormon to make everything I believe in to be valid. I trust so thoroughly in Moroni's promise about The Book of Mormon and I'm grateful that my testimony is not good enough for others to make the decision to join our church. I know that is the Spirit's job and in order to receive that witness, we need to be showing the Lord that we desire His knowledge by praying, reading, going to church, etc. God won't let us take the easy way out and eliminate any chance to exercise our faith first. He is so wise, isn't He? I'm grateful that our relationship with Him is so similar to how our relationship with our earthly father is like. It makes understanding His love and reaction to our choices much easier. 'Oku ou i'lo'i 'oku ofa a e Tamai Hevani 'iate kitautolu. (I know that Heavenly Father loves us).

The mission is great, I couldn't be happier! I love you, have a good week.

- Elder Bennion
This is the Australian flag, right? There was a Becoming a Missionary conference and they had these on some of the cupcakes.

Elder Kaufusi! 
He is leaving to the El Salvador/Belize mission on Tuesday. I'm super proud of this guy, I'm excited for him and know he'll do amazing things for those people.

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