Monday, February 24, 2014

Email from a Member and a Picture!!

Hello Families,
My name is Randy Rask and I would first like to leave you all with my sincerest applogies for takeing so long to write to both of the folks that have given us your two fine son.  Both my wife, Kathy and I told both of these fine young missionaries we would send the attached photo of them to their homes and we sat on them for most of this month.
We have a tradition in the Rask home to try and feed your missionary's as often as we can.  The first place we take them is to our favorite fast food restaurant which for us is In-N-Out Burgers.  There is a story behind why, and we have told your sons, so when you talk to them you can ask and they will know the facts.

We are so very blessed to have both of these fine young men in our Ward.  Elder Bennion had only been in the field 5 days when we went to dinner that evening.  Elder Kirkham was also new to our area and he hasd been out about 5 months.  This was a new area for both of them and they are really some of the best we have had.  Thank you for being the kind of families that have given them this experience to help mold their lives.

We look forward to having them in our home because they bring a special spirit with them when they are here.

Both Kathy and I hope you enjoy the picture of these wonderful young men of great power and testimony, as we surly do.

May the Lord's blessings be with you all, as we love your sons!

Randy & Kathy Rask

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