Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pizza and Homesick

Email to Mom and Dad
thank you so so much for the pizza! I was slightly alarmed that someone was at my door at 9:45, California is slightly sketchy haha. It was such a pleasant surprise. I was very overwhelmed, wow. I appreciate it, but anytime I hear your guys voices and get surprises like that I cry haha. But me and Elder Kirkham enjoyed the pizza indeed. You guys rule, thank you for showing me so much love. I wish I had more to say but nothing crazy has happened since the work is still picking up. I'm ambitious but easily discouraged, unfortunately. I just want to be an effective missionary, but i'm in a learning process and I know that the Lord blesses us according to HIS timing, so sure enough, things will pick up and I will be the missionary I want to be and was called to be. I love being a missionary and only want to serve the Lord endlessly. His Gospel is remarkable and I feel so privileged to be out here. I love you guys so very much and you should be expecting a letter from me on Friday/Saturday. Thank you so much for your prayers, our family is the best (:

Email to KoriAnn and BenKoriann,

I am slightly homesick, but it's only been a month, so I feel as though it's expected. I just read my patriarchal blessing and it says I am going to impact many, so it's just hard for me to patient enough to wait for that to really happen. I do get frustrated that the sisters have busy schedules, but eventually, we will get there too, I know it (: Our teaching pool increases every week, which is what really matters! You know what the worst thing is? Cancelled appointments! ugh, they're terrible haha! I just wish I could make a video, I have so much to say about the investigators, less actives, recent converts, etc that we are working with and not enough time!
I wrote in my letter about Elder Kirkham, you should receive it either Friday or Saturday (:
Google mapped Sequoia ay? Yep, no green anywhere haha! I surprisingly really like it though. I went on exchanges on Thursday and when I got back to Hesperia, I realized how much I missed it. You really do learn to love where you serve and I experienced that on Exchanges. They say you'll always have a soft spot for your first area, makes sense (:
I don't really have many stories right now other than the fact that mom and dad sent me a pizza, which I was so confused about it ha. I was so overwhelmed though to see that our family was thinking about me. They're the best (: You have some family birthday's comin up, that'll be exciting!
Well I suppose you'll hear from me this weekend and another email will come your way next week and i'll have a spiritual story i'm sure (:
I love you so so so so much and miss you guys (:

Elder Bennion

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