Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First Emails on P-day in the Mission Field

Email to KoriAnn and Ben
hello!!!! it's so nice to email. I write a letter almost every night because I have so much to say my goodness. I haven't sent one yet because we recently got moved into our apartment, so expect a really big letter soon. How are you!? one of the families here has a daughter one week older than Bristol and she's barely learning to walk, it makes me so excited for Bristol! what a cutie. Just so you know, i'm actually not in Rancho Cucamonga, i'm in a place called Hesperia, in the desert ha. My letter will explain much more (: it's not too bad here, it's 10+ degrees cooler here than in the valley, I know that you'd think i'd be warm 24/7 but that is FALSE. ha! proselyting in the cold is no bueno. but things here are still so great. I love my mission. I've only been out for a week, yet it still feels like time is flying by. We opened a new area I guess, so the work has been a bit slow, but things are going to pick up this week because we have a lot more referrals and appointments made already. Now that i've completely chosen to serve a mission, I definitely would encourage every single person to go on one, they're seriously so much fun. I love it here so stinkin' much. I hope everything is great back home, I love you!

Email to Mom and Dad
I apologize! I almost didn't get to e-mail today too, sheesh. How are you?! Can you believe i've almost been out 3 weeks?! I don't get it. Where does the time go? So, I have like 4 letters I need to send home ha, but i'll tell you the basics right now. I am serving in a city called Hesperia, it's about 20 minutes from Rancho and it's in the desert where the winter is colder and the summer is hotter than down in the valley. I feel so pathetic saying it's cold here, but it is! haha! at night it gets in the 40's. But my proselyting time here has been short, because we are the only companionship on bikes, which I thought I was gonna like, but no, it actually kinda blows ha. On Thursday, my companion Elder Kirkham got 2 flat tires so we had to walk our bikes back which really depleted a lot of our time because we don't get out till 11:00, then at noon we eat lunch, then from 1:00-5:00 we knock on doors (which quite a few don't answer), we had a meeting, Saturday there were a ton of baptisms, and members feed us dinner, and because we don't have a car, we aren't allowed to go knock on doors past dinner because a lot of people get hit by cars, and there's been a scare going around about break-ins, so unless we have an appointment, nights are really slow "/ Which is why we've really only had one family to teach, their name is the Kochara's and they are great. I wrote about them in my letter, so you'll hear about them. But this week is better, we have a couple appointments and are gonna stop by some inactive's later and hopefully set up some appointments. So, although things have been slow, the ward here is so good to us. And in all honesty, i'm loving just about every second here. I'll have a lot more to say next week, promise (: Have dad email me cause I don't remember anyone's email ): but yes, things are great here, I hope things are great for you, I love you so so so much and am so glad I got to hear from you on Tuesday, I love you!

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